Proof That Hiking Can Be The Perfect First Date

I spend a lot of time writing (and talking) about how to set a goal, create a plan and tell a story to get a first date. I also talk about ROI (Return On Investment) when it comes to the time, money and energy you spend on dating. That’s when Duncan, the founder of Go All Outdoors, reached out to tell me about his first date. His free first date. His fun first date. His unique first date. The date that had them talking and laughing. The date that broke the ice. They felt comfortable telling their stories. So today he’s sharing that story.


I am lucky enough to have been recently engaged, and my fiancé regularly tells me how much she enjoyed our first date. It is something that comes up often between us and a date that we have gone back to relive several times. I did not spend enormous amounts of money to wine and dine her, there were no shows or expensive dinners. In fact, the date was practically free. What did we do? Hiking.

It may be a little odd, the traditional first date is usually something like drinks, dinner, or something of the sort. However, there is so much you do not know about a person, and I personally was worried about picking the right restaurant (which is actually great because it turns out she has a few food allergies!). In my mind, the hiking date is the perfect date, and I am living proof to say that it can work out for the best!

There are many things that make hiking a great option for a lot of people.

  1. Nature helps people “unplug”

There is nothing quite like disconnecting and getting out in nature. This is doubly true if you live in a hustle and bustle city like Chicago. Something about being out in nature tends to relax people, put them at ease, and leaves them more open.

  1. Leaves time to talk, but not too much time

First dates can be awkward, that is no secret. When you are taking an outdoor adventure with someone, there is plenty of time to talk and get to know them better. I found out a lot about my fiancé on our first date, from family to occupation. There were definitely pauses in the conversation though. During these times, the nature around us provided us an escape. Either to soak in or provide talking points. Sometimes I was able to just watch the river and think about what my next move was, but I was also able to point out any interesting wildlife that I saw, which is how I originally discovered her deep love for animals!

  1. It is low commitment

One of the big reasons I was looking forward to this type of date is the low commitment environment. No one had to dress up that much and no one had to figure out who was going to pay. It was just two people going for a little adventure to get to know each other.

  1. It is cheap

I am not a stingy man, but I still like to save a dollar here and there. Hiking is nearly free no matter where you go. The only cost is transportation to get there.

  1. It is easy

When going on a hike, everyone essentially understands what to expect. You will be taking a glorified walk outdoors. No particular dress code, no one has to wonder if it is okay to order that third drink. Everyone has a great time.

“Well, I can’t do this! I live in the city!” Nice try! There are tons of excellent places to hike around many major cities, in fact right near Chicago has some of the best hiking in the entire state! Check out the list here.

My fiancé and I are so glad we started out our relationship with a great first date. It is something she talks about with people a lot. You do not have to be outdoorsy or have any background in outdoor activities. Just put on some comfortable clothes and get outside!

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