The NFL Playoffs Create Opportunities to Get First Dates

Go sports! Go football!

Even if you don’t care that the NFL playoffs are going on now that the Bears are out of it, it’s one of the best ways to meet someone, especially with those two overtime games yesterday. With close games and questionable calls, the bars were jam-packed with people high-fiving all over the place. So much chatter from table to table. Strangers bonding over cheering for the same teams or coming together to cheer against Tom Brady. Just a crazy-social atmosphere.

But it can also be a little serious for those die-hard fans whose emotions are flying high. Like the guy who tried a little trash-talking to the girl in the Patriots’ hat.

“Are you from Boston or are did you jump on the bandwagon with Tom Brady?”

That girl gave him a look of disgust before she snapped at him with all of the reasons she was born a true fan.

Everyone within earshot turned to look their way as the guy rolled his eyes and went back to talking to his friends. No one else approached that girl and her friend that day. They sat at the table while everyone else was laughing and cheering together across the entire bar.

How you respond. How you tell your story. It defines you. When you have an opportunity to tell it, make sure you are ready. Go where the people are. High five them every chance you get.


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