Tell Your Story Like A Super Bowl Commercial

Thirty, sixty, ninety seconds. That’s all the time these companies used to have to run their Super Bowl commercials. Now they leak the spots early or do gimmicks on social media to extend the reach. They use humor or pull at the heart strings to get your attention.

The commercials that tell the best stories are obviously the movie trailers, but they are usually full of drama, which so many dudes preach in their profiles that they don’t want. The This Is Us preview and timing right after the game is pretty much genius. And that Budweiser commercial where they showed the assembly line of water that they sent to the hurricane victims tells another side of the story.

Height. I won’t compromise on height. That’s what my girl friend said when we were talking about dating dealbreakers today. “I won’t date anyone who is shorter than me. I want a guy to take care of me.” But what about Danny Devito in that M&Ms commercial? It seems like everyone online is looking for someone with a sense of humor. Someone who can make them laugh. And the people at the bar, definitely laughed at that one.

I swipe left immediately when a girl says anything about politics in her profile. It doesn’t even matter which side they are on. I just don’t care. That comment by my friend made me think of the Ram Truck commercial where they featured Martin Luther King, Jr. The reaction after that commercial was pure confusion, and a stretch to tie the two together. It wasn’t their story to tell.

It doesn’t matter how fun or cute they look, I never swipe right on vegans. He likes to cook and meat is always on the menu. “That’s not something I want to compromise on. I mean, what would I even make?” But what if it was Lindsey Vonn? After her commercial ran for the Winter Olympics, every guy in the bar was talking about beautiful she is. How badass she is. I don’t know if she’s vegan, but I know no one is swiping left on Lindsey Vonn.

“Push-up bras. That’s just false advertising.” He doesn’t care how big her boobs are. He just wants all of the information up front. No surprises. “One day, she shows up and you’re like, where did they go?” It’s like the girl who cakes on the makeup, they added. I want to know what she looks like without it. Show photos of both on your profile. “Sometimes it’s like dating two completely different women.” The awkward girl in the flavored Diet Coke ad … what was she wearing? What was she even saying? What story was she trying to tell?

So while it may seem like sharing too much on your Tinder profile can limit your options, it actually saves time in the long run when you are your authentic self. I tried to force it with a guy who doesn’t drink, and that just made no sense. Kinda like the T-Mobile commercial with all the babies. What was that all about? Babies can’t even talk. I mean, they are cute and all, but what does that have to do with selling phones?

Just like in marketing, people are looking for what fits them so figure out what your real story is and tell it every chance you get. It’s okay if it takes a while to find someone who gets it. These Super Bowl commercials are seen by millions of people, but that’s not how many people that will buy their product tomorrow. Don’t get frustrated if you don’t have a lot of matches because people are obviously incredibly picky.

“I won’t date anyone named Jill because that’s my ex-wife’s name.”

Sometimes it just completely out of your control, but don’t give up. Learn from the experience and get back out there. Update your “commercial” constantly to make sure it reflects your most authentic you, and keep on selling your story. Like Eli Manning and Odell Beckham, Jr.’s commercial for the NFL where they re-enacted the lift scene from Dirty Dancing. A great way to show that the personalities of these players people usually see on the field. Have fun. Laugh at yourself. And get back out there.

What would your Super Bowl commercial script look like? How can you use your online profile to help tell tell your story?


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