You Can't Have a Summer Fling Sitting on the Couch

As we all watched our two friends hit it off instantly at the fantasy football draft, another friend asked why I haven’t introduce her to anyone. I paused, and then played back events from the last two months, which started with me reconnecting with a guy friend during a trip to Nashville in July. Of course I asked him if he was dating someone. He said he thought he was dating a girl last Fall, and that’s why he asked me for an extra ticket to the football game we had plans to attend. I told him it was weird that he cancelled on us since he was so excited about the road trip. He said that he planned to bring the girl he was hanging out with, but after she agreed to go with him, she asked for an extra ticket. The extra ticket was for a guy she wanted to bring with her. Well, that had to be just a friend, right? Nope. When he told her that she couldn’t bring a date on their date, she was surprised. Then she asked if he could still get the two tickets for her. 

After a night out in Nashville, I asked if he met anyone after I saw him at one point tearing it up on Broadway with his friends in town for a bachelor party. He said that he wasn’t sure how the night ended and then grabbed his phone to check his text messages.

“I sent, ‘Hey I’m Dave!’ to a bunch of numbers at 3 am,” he said laughing. “I’m sure they will all be texting back any minute now after that gem of a text.”

They didn’t. I mentioned that I had a friend who he might be interested in and he said he is always up for meeting friends of friends. That “warm dating lead” is really valuable to single people so if you have one, share it! Over the next two months, I looked for opportunities for these two friends to meet, and against my normal rule, I told my girl friend about this guy. I usually avoid this as to not make the first meeting awkward, but she was still hung up on a guy she dated in the Spring, and no one wanted that guy back in the mix.

Over the course of two months, I invited them both to just about everything I was doing, but their schedules didn’t sync up. Once, Dave asked if he could bring one of his girl friends to a night out so he clearly forgot that I was trying to set him up. Perfect! This means when they finally meet, it won’t be awkward. 

A few weeks ago, I invited them both to a free country concert on a Tuesday night. Dave showed up, but my friend bailed because she was tired from being out of the town over the weekend and chose to order pizza, sit on the couch and hang with her cat that night instead. So when she complained at the fantasy football draft about me not setting anything up for her, I reminded her specifically about that night. I told her that she chose to say couch instead of ask where. Where is the opportunity to meet someone awesome? Where is the the place that I take control of my dating life? She said that if she  had known it was going to be this hard to meet up, she might have gone. There shouldn’t be a might. Always ask where. And then prepare to make it the best where ever. 
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