Why Guy Fieri Can Be the Best Wingman

Since I was a kid, on our family vacations we piled into a car and drove around the country stopping at random places along the way. Some of these stops were planned in advance, looking at travel books before the internet, while other detours came about because of a sign or billboard on the side of the road that drew us in. Advertising.

The last two years, my Mom and I have taken road trips to New York and Seattle where we picked the restaurants we stopped at based on the list from Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. We hit seven places in ten days in five states with each place featuring the show at different levels. The places, like Jimmy’s were thriving with lines out the door. The owner said he knows when a rerun is played featuring his place because he sees a larger bump in customers. There is a huge sign on the side of Jimmy’s place letting everyone know that Guy Fieri was there. The menu denotes what Guy, the host of the show, ate on the show and the owner shares the story about Guy with anyone who wants to hear it.

Some don’t include it on the menu or even make mention of it when you are there. Employees at two of the places rolled their eyes when we asked what Guy ate there. And some places we wanted to try were “permanently closed”, which just seems crazy that you wouldn’t capitalize on being featured on the show.

As we drove across the country for days, I started thinking about how I could market myself like DDD and I came up with the takeaways below.

Testimonials: I make sure my friends are always championing for me, so when they come across a single friend, they not only think of me, they know what to say about me. It definitely helps to have people telling their single friends about their great single friend. One of the reasons people are hesitant to go on blind dates is because they are worried that it will be boring, that they won’t have anything to talk about. Your friends can put their minds at ease by being a reference for how fun the date really will be.

Show Reruns: If there is someone I’ve been trying to get their attention, I don’t give up after meeting them just once. Even if I can’t get any time together in person, I post on social media so they can see that I’m out and about, and hopefully something about my personality catches their eye.

Create a Great Menu: There are so many things that make each one of us great/fun/interesting, I’m sure to fit those into the conversation as soon as possible. I even incorporate them into what I’m wearing or the places I suggest to meet. I’ll throw on a funny t-shirt or get tickets to a sporting event because those are some of my menu highlights.

Customer service: Be happy. Well, I’m always happy, and that definitely helps me meet people. Just like I don’t want to be around a crabby waiter, guys don’t want be around mopey girls. Or girls who bring the drama … that’s in just about every Tinder profile, so it must be true. It also means that girls must be doing it, and it’s not working.

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