Why The Bachelor Contestants Shouldn't Worry About the Other Women

Every season I say I’m not going to watch The Bachelor. Every season my friends suck me. Now I’m throwing watch parties. So in addition to the friend time, I’ve been analyzing each episode to see what tips I can take away from the show. As we head into the new season of The Bachelorette, which I will also watch this season, I’m sharing some marketing observations from Nick’s season on The Bachelor, which I’ve actually noticed on every season.

I watched these woman use their alone time with Nick talking about why some of the women in the house are horrible people instead of focusing on winning him over by selling themselves. They shouldn’t be reminding him that he has other women taking his attention. Even when it seems so obvious to them why he shouldn’t be attracted to to these women, they need to make themselves the only one he sees in that moment.

However, this approach is a sales tactic that several companies use, like the recent Suave commercial that features a smell test against Bath and Body Works. This commercial reminds fans that there are other brands even if they only show the consumers choosing Suave. In this instance, the commercial the only negative they point out is that Suave is cheaper. They don’t say they are better, just less expensive. What is price isn’t a factor in their decision? So what if Corrine isn’t as smart as others on the show. Or is more sexual than some? I’m not sure how telling a guy that a hot girl wants to have sex with him is going to sway him your way.

While it’s hard for these women to watch Nick with Corrine, I mean, I get it, I’m annoyed too, but it’s even more annoying to watch these girls waste their one-on-one time telling Nick he’s making a mistake. C’mon ladies. This is the fourth time this guy has been on a Bachelor-type show. He doesn’t need people telling him that he’s doing it wrong. He knows it.

In addition to wasting time, they’re also telling Nick that he’s not capable of making good decisions and/or that he’s a fool for liking someone like Corrine. I don’t know how that would score them any points even if they believe their comments are coming from a good place. I think this because it happened to me. A few months ago, a guy I met on Tinder was trying to convince me to date him after I told him that I just wanted to be friends. He put on the full-court press despite how direct I was about being friends. When he wouldn’t let it go, I finally shared with him that I was still hung up on another guy. From that moment on, he spent just about every minute telling me that the guy was never going to come back. That I was crazy to think he would. And I was wasting precious time. While I had no intention of dating him, I was even more turned off by this attack on my character.

If this guy chose to spend our time together sharing stories that gave me a glimpse into who he is, maybe I would’ve had fun with him. Maybe he would’ve distracted me so much that I got over this guy. Instead, I dreaded seeing him. His texts made me cringe. It was always the same thing over and over. I know it was his intention to make me feel like I’m unable to navigate through life on my own, but that’s definitely how it came across. In the middle of all of this, another guy started chatting with me and he distracted me for a couple of months with some amazing dates. He spent our time together just being himself and I was sold on him for a little while.

Do you think the other girls had an effect on Nick’s decision to let Corinne go? Did they help her make it further along in the process?

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