Five New Year's Resolutions to Market Your Way to a Date

Every date starts with a little marketing. Selling yourself by what you wear to the bar, the photos you post to your dating profile, the first thing you say or the message that you send. This is all marketing. As you head into 2017, start using more marketing tips to get more dates. My favorite author is Seth Godin, who doesn’t bother with the Four Ps of Marketing, but the Five Elements of Marketing.

Five New Year’s Resolutions to Market Your Way to a Date

1) Data: Companies use data to know what customers want, so they can deliver the right stuff to their customers. Gather your dating data to bring in more customers. Figure out which first date outfit gets the most compliments, how do they like your hair, what restaurant or activity is the most fun, etc. Plus, gather data on your date so you can do what you enjoy, but also have a plan for having a great first date.

2) Stories: Seth says to “define everything you say and do”, so figure out what’s your story and how you’re going to telling. Plus, do research on your date, so you can cater your stories to the person you are with that night. If he doesn’t like cats, don’t tell a 30-minute story about how your cat is just like a human.

3) Products: Whether it’s in an online profile or a description from a friend setting someone up on a date, if they say you are funny, then you better make me laugh. If you tell me you’re a nice guy, then you better not spend the night bashing everyone around us. If traveling is your jam, you better tell me some kick-ass stories about your adventures. Don’t be average, and then follow through with the stories that show why you’re the one they should be interested in.

4) Interactions: These are all the things you do to get the attention of the prospective date. There are so many ways to interactive with people now that you could send a text, make a call, FaceTime, send a video snap, post a photo to Instagram, etc. For me, Facebook tells my story. I chronicle my life on Facebook because it’s my online photo album, but I’ve found that if I friend guys I’m interested in, posting on Facebook allows me to share parts of me that they might not normally see. SnapChat is also one of my go-to mediums to tell my story, and you can track to see who is looking at your snaps. You may say creepy, but I think Seth would say “data”. Yeah, let’s go with data.

5) Connection: Seth defines this as “the end goal”. Creating a special connection between you and another person is why I’m out here in the dating world. Know who you are and how you can share that everyday so everything falls into place. 

What marketing tactics work for you?

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