Just Another Tinder Tuesday: Meeting Up With Out-of-Towners

“Hi there”

That’s all this guy wrote when we matched on Tinder on Monday night, but it’s better than the guys who just sit in your queue and wait for you. It doesn’t give me much to go on, but I’m used to getting conversations started out of nothing as many say that I could “talk to a wall”. I’m not sure if that’s a compliment, but I did what I do and two messages later he asked me if I wanted to meet up the next night. So with back-to-back Tuesday dates, I’m starting my own “Tinder Tuesday”.

Like the guy last Tuesday, he was just in town two days for work, so I’ve found that these out-of-towners tend to move faster than the locals. Unlike the guy last Tuesday, I actually took a little more time to vet this one out in hopes that he wouldn’t send messages later about sexy time via FaceTime.

His pictures weren’t great, so my expectations were low, but hey, it’s a Tuesday. I told him in advance that I was meeting up with friends later to watch the Cubs’ game, and I joked that I would let him know if he passed the test to hang out for the game. Of course, it wasn’t actually a joke. And he also had the option to tag out after our 60 minute date, so I liked getting that out into the open.

The first thing he said as he sat down was, “wow, you look just like your pictures.” This always makes me laugh because that doesn’t seem like something that should be a surprise, but he definitely didn’t look like his photos, so I get it. He filled the 60 minutes with bad jokes and Tinder nightmare stories, including one about a girl who just had surgery on both her legs living with her cheating boyfriend and wanted someone to come over to make her boyfriend jealous. For those wondering, he didn’t go.

I asked him if he used his same “Hi there” line on that girl and his response was, “yeah, did it get you moist?” He immediately regretted this comment, but coupled with the inappropriate jokes that followed, I felt like he knew this date wasn’t going beyond the originally scheduled 60 minutes. He apologized, said he was just nervous and laid on some guilt about not wanting to be bored back at his hotel, so of course I felt bad.

So I took him along to hang out with my friends, all of whom had been given a heads up that he was my Tinder Tuesday so they were prepared to help me entertain him. I thought we were on the same page until he grabbed my hand as we walked down the street to meet up with everyone. When I pulled my hand away, he asked why I don’t like holding hands, which I explained is mostly because we’re not dating.

When he started rubbing my back at the table, I had to be more direct that nothing was going to happen between us. He stuck around for about two more hours to turn it into a group Tinder date. He chatted up most of my single girl friends who were there, and after the last one passed, he said he was going to take off soon. And by soon, he apparently meant now, and he disappeared without paying his tab. He totally pulled a Houdini, but not without asking my friends, and the waitress if they had any weed.

So what I took away from this Tinder Tuesday is to keep things short. When these out-of-towners move so quickly, there’s no need to schedule so much time with them. I can make a decision in 60 minutes or less.  Oh, and to make sure they put a credit card down when they order their first drink. What did you take away from this week’s edition of Tinder Tuesday? Comment below or tweet me @HitzAndMrs!

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