Don't Be Afraid of Who You Might Find on Tinder

Last week I had my all-time fastest Tinder relationship. From the time we matched on Tinder to the time I unmatched him after our date, the total time was 4.5 hours. I didn’t do my normal vetting process because he was already out at the bar with the Cubs’ game on, and he seemed harmless enough. We had a good time until he got weird at the end of the night, so that’s a risk you take when you’re in a hurry.

So while I was popping around the Los Angeles area last week, I thought it would be fun to make another date to watch the Cubs’ game, especially since they were playing the Dodgers. I didn’t have a lot of time to make this happen and then you add in the sheer volume of men in LA, it was overwhelming even for me. I swiped for up to 20 minutes at a time and the profiles never stopped. They just kept popping up, and I kept swiping. I ended up matching with about 25 guys in 24 hours with one guy in particular catching my attention. We didn’t match until the Cubs’ game was over on Saturday night, so my new plan was to squeeze him in to watch the Bears game before I flew out that night. Before I could send him a message, he reached out to me, which earned him some quick points.

“Hi, Tracie!”

“Hey, Chris! What are you up to this weekend?” 

“Went to the Professional Bull Riding competition in San Jose. What a crazy event? U?”

“That is awesome! I was at a sports conference and then watched the Cubs’ game. Out for the Bears’ game tomorrow!” I wrote after a couple of drinks.

“What’s your iPhone number”

I wasn’t sure why we needed this jump to the “iPhone” number, but the next morning, I decided to give it to him.

“Hi, Tracie, Chris here. Good morning.”

“Hey Chris! You’re up early! I just finished a run. It will make me feel better when I’m sitting at the bar watching football in a bit!” I wrote in hopes he would pick up on the opportunity to meet up with me.

“Lol. Good for you. How far did u run. Raining?”

“Four miles. It is overcast, but no rain.”

“Nice. Would love a pic of your sexy self. I’m about to go for a run too.”

And before I could even get the laugh out of my mouth as I walked down the beach back to my hotel, he sent this. Of course I cropped out his face cuz I’m nice like that, and let’s be honest, does anyone care about his face in this photo?


Now, normally I would just ignore the text and block his number, but I write a blog, sooooooo of course I wrote him back, “I can’t top that!”

“Let me c u”

That sentence kinda creeped me out, so even with a blog, I decided not to respond. About a minute later he wrote, “Hello?”

For some reason, now I felt bad leaving him hanging with his “sexy pic” out there, so I responded with, “Hey. I’m walking to grab a drink after my workout.”

“Darn. Send me something when U r back.”

I didn’t. As I was boarding my plane eight hours later, he texted, “how was your morning”. I’m not sure if he wanted a photo summary from my morning, but what he got was blocked from my phone. So for those of you who are afraid of who you might meet on Tinder, trust that the weird ones don’t usually hide, but if they do, it’s pretty easy to draw them out if you take the time to do it. But don’t miss out on someone great because you’re afraid of the half-naked ones. 

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