Cubs Opening Day: Won't Work For Dates

“You know how you can tell your girlfriend is a Cubs’ fan? She never expects a ring!”

I wasn’t even through the entrance of the Phoenix Open in February when the shouting began. I was wearing a Cubs shirt, so comments were coming from Cubs fans, Cardinals fans and everyone in between. So many dudes trying to get my attention just because I was wearing a Cubs shirt during Spring Training at a golf event. There were beautiful girls dressed in fancy dresses, but I was getting just as much attention as they were. The power of the Chicago Cubs.


Cubs Phoenix

Cubs Opening Day is no different. Even though thousands of people are wearing Cubs gear, the amount of women who take off work to attend an outdoor sporting event in April is pretty small, so the attention you get is large. Each year I was able to attend, I tried out different bars in Wrigleyville to see which one was the best for me. As I got older, it went from Casey Moran’s to Mullen’s, but regardless of age, Murphy’s Bleachers never disappoints. Even when it’s snowing on Cubs Opening Day, the outside patio is the best spot to watch everyone go by. People are high-fiving from the sidewalk and chatting up the girls who are out for this Chicago “holiday”.

I know, you don’t like baseball. Me either! I do love sports, but baseball is not one of them. Trust me, the Cubs games are different. I have a blast going to Wrigley Field, but the best thing about Opening Day is a lot of people don’t even have tickets to the game. They took off work to sit in the bar all day. Who doesn’t want to spend a Monday doing that? If you want to improve your odds of meeting a guy, the statistics are in your favor on Cubs Opening Day. Let’s play ball!

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