If You Always Swipe Right You Might Just Meet Someone On Tinder

When a friend invited me to a fancy dinner with her successful, married friends, I wasn’t expecting to learn something new about Tinder. As the only two single people at the table, the conversation usually comes around to “why aren’t either of you married yet?”  It’s usually accompanied by a compliment because through our conversations we always convince them that we are “normal” and by default, the guys out there these days must be “crazy”. This then leads to stories about our dating antics, which most recently we’ve been sharing the fun we’ve been having on Tinder.

We ran down our Tinder techniques (e.g. swiping in multiple cities, no guys with bathroom selfies), as well as some oddities (e.g. guys who never reach out after you match, those who ghost after a few messages). Then, one of the married guys said something I’ve never heard before.

“My guy friends swipe right on every girl.”

“What do you mean “every” girl?” I asked.

“They don’t care what they look like,” he explained. “They just swipe right and wait to see who they match with.”

“So even the girls who say they are in an open marriage?” I asked. “Or ones they aren’t attracted to?”

“Yep,” he confirmed. “All of them.”

He said they don’t worry about selecting women until they see who there matches are. This technique ensures they don’t judge too quickly. When they get a match, then they take the time to check out their profile to decide if they are going to contact her. If they don’t like her, they unmatch them “without anyone getting hurt”. If a girl reaches out before they unmatch her, sometimes she writes something that peaks their interest and they begin chatting. These guys believe this technique allows them to meet the most women. What do you think about this Always Swipe Right technique?

Swipe Right


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