Gotta Look Good, Even For The Early Flight On Southwest Airlines

When I’m headed somewhere warm, I get on the earliest flight possible so I can make the most of the day and hopefully avoid any potential flight delays. On Saturday, that meant the 6 am flight to Florida. Even though it’s early, I still shower and get ready as if I was going out to meet someone because of the sheer volume of people I encounter when I travel. I curled my hair and put on one of my favorite necklaces before heading out the door.

6 am flight

I got to the airport where I chatted up the cute TSA guy and sat next to another interesting guy at the gate. Not only do I feel confident because I’ve done all I can to look nice … in marketing, that’s the packaging on the outside of the product … I also feel good because most people on the early flights look like they just rolled out of bed. Bonus that these girls are wearing huge sweatpants and oversized sweatshirts with their hair pulled up and makeup still on from the night before!

On the flip side, I walked on the plane behind a guy in a full, shiny adidas sweatsuit and hat that was definitely hiding some serious bedhead. How can I be nervous to talk to a guy in a sweatsuit? Well, I can’t. So I did.

Southwest Airlines is my favorite airline because I can pick my seat based on the guy I want to sit by, so when I’m looking my best and the guys are looking normal, it’s way easier to get that conversation started with a stranger. It evens the playing field for me, so I have a chance to show them why we should hang out sometime (aka the sales pitch).

While I try to be funny, there are two serious answers I always have to get out of the conversation, 1) are they single and 2) are they from here or flying back to their hometown? I also work in a question or two that helps me figure out their age.  Around this time of year, I mention something about the ’85 Bears Super Bowl and how I was The Fridge in my grade school’s talent show rendition of The Super Bowl Shuffle. These questions allow me to establish if he falls into my “target market”, so I usually get these out of the way early in the conversation as to not waste anyone’s time. If he’s too young or thinks it’s ridiculous that I would dress up like a 350-pound football player when I was 10 years old, then we’re probably not going to click.

What are your airport rituals? Do you take advantage of all the opportunities that present themselves when you’re traveling? Who’s your favorite Chicago Bear?

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