New Year's Resolutions That Will Make Dating Even More Fun

I wrapped up 2015 with an open holiday letter to all the single ladies that I wrote with three of my friends who had similar stories to share last year. We all celebrated milestone birthdays alone, and loved it. While we made other people feel uncomfortable when we told them, “Today is my birthday” when sitting at the restaurants by ourselves. We ended the year feeling completely empowered.

It felt like a new beginning, especially after I found out about three engagements that happened over the holidays: 1) my last serious boyfriend, who sent a sweet text to let me know, 2) a guy I dated a few years ago who once warned that he would continue to chip away until I fell in love with him (aka the Shawshank) and 3) a guy from Tinder who I went on three dates with in September. These happy endings have me looking forward to what’s ahead in 2016.

2016 glasses

I talked through my New Year’s resolutions on the Fantasy Dating Radio Show last week, and after being dubbed the “Dating Yoda”, Suzanne and her crew helped me land on these three dating resolutions.

Resolution #1

Surround Myself With Friendly Salespeople: I treat my dating life a lot like my professional life in marketing, so in 2016 I will spend more time with my most-outgoing friends. While I’m always out and about, the experiences can be totally different based on who is with me. If there are more people who aren’t afraid to strike up conversations with random people, we can cover way more ground.

Resolution #2

Use My Network: Like in sales, you can acquire more clients when you use your network to get referrals, so that same idea can also work to get more dates by being set up with friends. In an effort to make it less awkward when friends suggest setting me up on a blind date, I can meet them casually throughout the year. That’s why I started going to pub trivia every Thursday at the same bar to have something consistently fun to do. People can drop by whenever they want and bring along their friends. After two weeks of trivia, I’ve already met three friends of friends, and created a Facebook group to keep everyone connected.

Weekly trivia also allows us to become regulars and meet other regulars, including the bartenders. As Suzanne pointed out during our radio chat, the bartenders are the ones who are in the know, so they can give you the scoop on the entire room.

Resolution #3

Less Texting, More Talking: I love texting. I text so much that when I do call someone, they always pick up the phone because they think I must be dying. When making a sale, the consumer needs to hear your message several times over different mediums, so if I’m going to build a relationship, I need to spend a little more time making my sales pitch via the ol’ telephone.

What resolutions did you make for 2016?

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