Dudes Think They're Funny, But They Can Actually Prove It On Halloween

Halloween is a holiday that helps me find a funny guy. Most people say they want someone with a sense of humor, and those same people also think they are funny.  But Halloween is the time when everyone has the chance to show it just through what they wear that night.

When I was brainstorming with my friends this week they had a lot of funny idea, like a nudist on strike. I



That turned into a streaker on strike with a sign that says, “Heck no, the clothes won’t go.” We reminisced on some of our most effective costumes for meeting guys (e.g. sexy Hamburg learner, sexy cotton candy).

cotton candy

And that’s why they are my friends … we think we’re funny. So when trying to find a guy who also appreciate that humor, Halloween costumes help them shine.  When I’m trying to decide if I’m going to meet up with a guy for her first date around Halloween, I always ask questions to get a glimpse into his personality. In my experience, there are three kinds of Halloween guys.

Stay At Home:
The guys who don’t like Halloween usually don’t mesh with me. They say, “it’s childish” or “It’s just an excuse for girls to dress slutty”.  I think it’s a time to just have fun.

Should Stay At Home:
I acknowledge that some of the funniest things can also be inappropriate, but there’s a fine line before crossing over to politically incorrect.  A couple of years ago, I told a guy I was dressing up as a sexy Amelia Earhart, he suggested I change my costume to sexy Hitler.

This year when I asked a new guy if he was dressing up, he said (and  I will paraphrase here) he’s going as a Jewish Chewbacca. He went on to say that it was okay for him to do this because his friends are Jewish and they think it’s funny.

Leave The House:
Then, there are the guys who get it. The funny ones. When Facebook was new, a guy dressed up as the Facebook wall with people writing messages, as well as their phone numbers on his shirt.

This year, people are talking about going as a Tinder profile, which will allow them to go up to girls in person to see if they want to swipe right.  I also love the costumes where it’s a play on words, like the one night stand or the unexpected costumes like a skinny sumo wrestler or a guy dressed as Betty White.

Halloween is meant to be fun, so this is the time to find that guy who has a sense of humor!  When you’re out this weekend, who will catch your eye? Be sure to tweet at me (@TracieHitz) with photos of the best costumes you see using #HitzAndMrs.

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