The Fear Of Rejection Can Prevent People From Moving Forward

A fair amount of my life has been influenced by the marketing guru, Seth Godin.  His quick hits of advice on his blog can completely change the direction of my day.  He reminds me that I can actually control what happens to me.  That I don’t have to wait for something.  From his post earlier this week he wrote:

“When people are moving forward, others are falling behind.”

I’m usually moving forward, especially when it comes to dating because I’m always looking for opportunities to meet new people.  Sometimes they become friends or boyfriends and other times we go our separate ways.  But every time, it’s a step ahead of those who aren’t trying at all.

I wasn’t always moving forward, usually because there was a fear of rejection, but over time, you just get over it.  It takes practice, but once you realize that not everyone clicks with you, it’s a lot easier to handle.  I’d rather know for sure that a guy doesn’t like me rather than let him pass by because I didn’t have the nerve to say something.

Seth’s posts aren’t usually long, but they always get you thinking.  I created this blog to share my experiences in hopes that it will inspire people to stay positive throughout the craziness of the dating world.  I’ve been having fun over the last few years experimenting with different marketing tactics to get dates, and sometimes they even work.  But what I’m most grateful for is it helped me become fearless.  What is holding you back from meeting someone?

You can make something happen through the most random experiences, so look for opportunities wherever you are.  It doesn’t matter how you get there, just keep on moving.


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