Dating Could Be A Sport, So Join A Fantasy League

Two weeks ago, I was a guest on the Fantasy Dating radio show because we have some of the same philosophies when it comes to dating. Be positive. Put yourself out there. Have fun.  Of course, being a huge sports fan, I also love anything that has to do with fantasy games.  To use that same Fantasy League concept to apply to dating is just plain awesome.  Not only are you earning points by talking to guys, you are gaining confidence that eventually makes it second nature to talk to the cutest guy in the room.

Talking with Suzanne Casament and Mister Robb was like talking to my best friends, and we’ve never even met. These are the types of people you should surround yourself with whether it through radio shows, books or social media. Find people who will keep you smiling as you navigate your way through this dating world.  I seriously want these two awesome people in Los Angeles to be my BFFs.

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Check out our conversation that started out talking about my Mom’s bowling team in the 1980s switched to a conversation about the Wheel of Men and finished up with some advice from all of us that reminds you that dating is actually fun. I mean, one day I’m going to meet an awesome guy and all of this will be over.  Let’s live it up while we can!  I hope you enjoy this conversation that had me laughing from start to finish.

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