Age Is A Deal Breaker, But That Doesn't Make Me Picky

After a year spent focusing on learning how to sell myself using marketing advice, I’ve gained enough confidence to put my best self forward any time.  Now that I’m always ready to meet a guy, I’m going to spend more time figuring out where they are hiding.  But not in a creepy way.  Well, not super creepy.  More of a clever way.

An important part of marketing is creating consumer profiles so you can decide where you’re going to spend your advertising dollars.  Go where your best customers are.  This philosophy has been met with resistance from some of my friends as they think this mindset makes me too picky.  I’m too old to be picky it seems.  But really my only deal breaker is age.

They say it’s just a number, but it’s not to me.  It’s an actual number that can define where you are in your life, or perhaps where you should be.  You don’t have to be the same as me.  I know that everyone takes a different path, but there’s something to be said for people in my generation.  That gap can get pretty big, especially when going younger.

And while people usually think I look, and sometimes act, younger than I am, it doesn’t change the stage I’m in. My plans don’t include having kids, so when my friend told me his 20-something friends was interested in me, I told him that’s way to young.  I mean, this guy wasn’t old enough to watch the original episodes of Seinfeld.  He’s never taken a roll of film to be developed.  He’s never listened to his messages on an answering machine.  I mean seriously, when I was graduating high school, this kid was finishing up kindergarten.

Of course, we wouldn’t break up because he’s never owned a VHS tape, but the big deal breaker with the few young guys I’ve dated has been that they want kids.  Someday.  There is no someday for me.  That’s not being picky.  It’s just smart business.  It’s a waste of time to try to sell something that the other person doesn’t want long term.  No sense in making that investment when you know how it ends.

What are your deal breakers?

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