Thinking Like A Tiny Business Owner In Vegas Was Just Plain Fun

Staying on the The Strip means you won’t probably won’t meet anyone who actually lives in Vegas, and that’s what I love about it.  When I was in Vegas a few months ago, I met people from all over the country who were up for anything.  There’s just something about that city.

When I went back to Vegas last week, I learned from the “Lessons From Very Tiny Businesses” that are part of Seth Godin’s “Whatcha Gonna Do With That Duck?”:

1) “Go Where Your Customers Are”: While it seems like going out in the city you live in would yield better results, the up-for-anything-vibe of Vegas actually opened up a lot more possibilities.  Groups of guys flock to Vegas and stay up late just having fun.

“You wanna get married?” a guy asked me as I was walking to lunch.

“No, I’m good.”

“But that’s what people do when they’re in Vegas,” he explained.

“I think they usually know each other before they get married.”

“Hi, I’m Jeff.”

2) “Be Micro-Focused And The Search Engine Will Find You”: Because I’m only looking for one guy to date, it is easy to be micr0-focused on finding one.  I made an effort to do a few things on my own so I didn’t bring along my friends to possibly create competition for myself.  It was as simple as going to lunch on my own, which garnered attention.  Then, my meal came and that got a lot of people talking to me.

bacon mac and cheese

3) “Outlast The Competition”: But it’s always more fun going out with my friends, so this piece of advice motivated me to stay out as long as they did.  Or at least I did most of the time.

 4) “Leverage”: While in Vegas, I tried to leverage the fun so I kept the serious talk to a minimum.  I didn’t talk about my job, where I went to school, etc.  I avoided the normal topics to just concentrate on all of the fun things I’ve done, and in turn that’s what they talked about too.  And that was just fun.

photo (4)

5) “Respond”: The advantage to being a “tiny business” is that you can be genuine.  You have the time to talk with people to build the relationships to make the sales.  I never act like I’m too cool or too busy for anyone, which has allowed me to date and/or become friends with some pretty amazing people.

What would you do if you acted like a tiny business owner?

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