Vodka Gummy Bears Bridged The Gap With The Packer Fans

Anytime you’re making a sale, you need to take the risk out of the decision.  When you’re asking people to part with their money, they need to know it’s worth it.  So that’s why Seth Godin suggests in “Whatcha Gonna Do With That Duck?” to create “a scenario where you don’t even need salespeople.”  I decided to be inviting.  Well, even more inviting than usual.  All I needed was some gummy bears.  Vodka.  And snack pack Ziploc bags.

These portable vodka gummy bears were an easy way to make friends before the Packers game.  Yeah, that happened.  I went to Lambeau Field last weekend, and I made friends.  They weren’t sure what to think at first when we offered them bags of bears.  We had invaded their space and their time with friends. We were asking them to try something that sounded a bit ridiculous.  But what did they have to lose?

They loved them.  Each group of guys we invited to try them, had fun testing them out, but it was also an entertaining way to start a conversation.  These gummy bears provided a glimpse into our personalities without any pressure to “buy” anything.  Within a few minutes, several groups of strangers were all coming together to talk about the gummy bears.  Some even asked for some snack packs to go.

Before they left, they were making up nicknames for the snack, like Boozie Bears, as well as giving us nicknames as well – Gummy Girls.  It was so easy to make friends when you just invite them into your world.  No pressure to stay.

green bay gummies

After the game, a friend made a comment about how weird it was that all of those people were so intrigued by our gummy bears, so I shared with him the idea of being inviting.  It even works without alcohol, and without even saying a word.  I showed him how easy it is to invite someone just with a simple smile.  I looked around the bar after the game, made eye contact with a guy and gave him a smile.  He stopped in his tracks, looked around to confirm I was looking at him and then gave a quick smile back.

It turns out that guy was married, but his surprised reaction is normal for single guys too.  They don’t expect someone to be so inviting.  It’s safer to stay within your group instead of venture out, but it’s usually more fun to let your guard down and accept someone’s invitation.  Whether it’s taking alcohol-laced candy from strangers or taking a few minutes to chat, making the sale is easier when you don’t act like a salesperson.


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