Sometimes Dating Tricks Actually Show The Real Me

To make a sale, you need to have the right target market.  You need to put yourself in places where you will have the best chance at success.  For me, that means the bars on NFL Sundays, tailgates on College Football Saturdays, Cubs Opening Day, etc.  Sporting events are where I fit in, as well as where I stand out whether it’s wearing a dress to the game or being able to talk stats at the bar.

It was a little bit of both when I went out in Columbus last weekend.  This is a true college town.  And I’ve lived in college towns before and it’s not always easy to meet someone my age at the bars. Unless it’s Parents’ Weekend.  Oh, how that weekend has changed for me the last few years.

So I’ve learned to adjust, but sometimes that means talking to guys I normally wouldn’t. Like last weekend, I’d only met guys in their EARLY 20s … “Wow, you don’t look THAT old” they said when I told them I was pushing 40.  So when two guys said they were 29-year-old grad students, I talked to them longer than I would on a normal night out.  But even though they were the best of the guys there, it didn’t change my mind about the type of guy I wanted to date.

It would be nice if it was that easy to change the situation.  To have the perfect guy magically appear.  But where’s the fun in that?

“What do you do?” he shouted over the music.

“I’m a magician,” I said as I pretended to pull a quarter from behind his ear.

“You’re a pediatrician?” he asked.

“Yep, sure” I said laughing.  “I’m totally a pediatrician.”

As I turned to walk back to my friends, I was stopped by another guy who asked what was so funny.  I shouted the story back to him with lots of animation.

“You’re funny,” he said.  “Most girls aren’t funny.”

“Well, that’s actually my real job.  I’m a comedian.”

“Awesome.  Tell me some jokes.”

“Oh man, that’s my work life and I’m out for fun,” I responded.  “I wouldn’t ask an accountant to do my taxes when we’re out at the bar.”

“Ha! Good one!” he said with a genuine laugh.

And then I called it a night.  At the game the next day, where I was wearing a dress of course, we finally met some guys who were our age.  We invited them out later that night at another loud bar where conversations were impossible to have so we danced. And danced.  And danced.

OSU game

“So what do you do?” one of them asked as we went to grab a drink.

“I’m a dance teacher,” I shouted back.

“Oh, that totally makes sense,” he said.

What makes sense about me making up different occupations?  What’s the point in these dating tricks?  I’ve been doing it for years because it makes boring questions way more interesting.  But when our ChicagoNow Blogapalooz topic was chosen tonight (write about something you gave up, but wished you still did), I wondered if I chose these occupations because I wish I hadn’t given up on the performance side of my life.  Instead, I chose sports.

I couldn’t imagine my life if I had chosen a different path, but what’s keeping me from bringing these other things back into my life?  I’m not sure when they disappeared or maybe it’s just an illusion and they have been there all along?

dance performance

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