You Don't Need A Resume To Get A Dating Interview

“Have you landed a real mate outside the virtual world yet?”

That’s what one of my readers asked after checking out an old post about why I quite eHarmony.  Going on lots of first dates made me feel comfortable talking to strangers.  I have my sales pitch down, but overall, it hasn’t actually matched me with anyone worthwhile.  The biggest challenge is getting the guy’s attention in the first place.  Being among all of those other profiles makes it hard to stand out.

So as I was reading, “Whatcha Gonna Do With That Duck?” as part of my Seth Godin challenge, he said “Why Bother Having A Resume? when looking for a job.  Sounds crazy, but as I kept reading, it made sense when it comes to online dating.  Godin said, “a resume is an excuse to reject you.”  We spend so much time perfecting our resumes.  We write down everything we’ve accomplished in hopes that it’s better than what the others have put together so we get a chance to meet with them in person to truly show them who we are.

It’s just like trying to put together an online profile that will stand out.  Telling them who we are and hoping it’s what they are looking for.  Answering questions about religion, kids and other things you wouldn’t normally find out until you’ve actually started dating.  And yet, these guys click past our profiles as quickly as employers do with our resumes.  The girl is too old.  Or she smokes.  One little thing they are looking for isn’t right, so they breeze past us instead of taking the time to see who we really are.

So what is Seth’s answer?  “Be remarkable”.  And you can’t be remarkable sitting at home all the time checking your computer to see if someone is interested in you.  Get out there.  You don’t need a resume to start a dating interview.

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