I Have A Way Better Chance Of Getting A Date If I Just Walk Outside

Every time I read marketing advice, I see ways to apply it to dating.  Both guide us to build relationships to make a sale, so when I opened this month’s Seth Godin book, “Whatcha Gonna Do With That Duck?”, I was excited to see a passage that could put this to the test.  So that’s this week’s challenge.  What am I gonna do with that Duck?

Simple Five-Step Plan For Just About Everyone and Everything

1) Go, make something happen: I couldn’t agree more on this one.  While so many people say that love finds you when you least expect it, I’m having way more fun looking for it.  If you put yourself out there, you never know what the expect.

On Sunday, I was walking down the street on the way to the bar to watch football (surprise) and I passed by four guys playing bean bags outside the bar.

“Looks like we have a ringer,” one of them yelled. “And I’m not talking about you, Ryan, I’m talking about that girl.”

So I turned around, gave a smile and kept on walking.  They were way too young for me, but it made me happy that I was out and about that day.

2) Do work you’re proud of: From what I wear to how I act, I don’t wake up regretting something that happened the night before.  Even when there are many drinks involved, I am the same person.  I am proud of how I act.

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3) Treat people with respect: Part of who I am is being direct, and as you already know, I try to make things happen for myself, but also for others.  So when I got to the bar, I started chatting with the guys sitting next to us.  Again, some young fellas.  One of them was fixated on a girl at a table in the back.

“Why don’t you talk to her?” I asked.

“What?” he asked as if I was crazy.

“If you sit here, you definitely won’t get her phone number, so you’ll have a better shot if you go ask for it?”

“She’s probably with one of those guys,” he shrugged. “They’d probably just make fun of me for trying to talk to her.”

So I went back to the table to assess the situation.  And the guy was right.  Those dudes weren’t very nice.  However, the girl was.  We chatted for awhile so when I asked her if she might be interested in talking to the guy at the front, they chimed in with some very harsh opinions on whether they thought he was cool enough for her.  And they made it clear that they didn’t think he was.

It’s guys like this who make it difficult for people to “go, make something happen”.  If we treated people with respect, it would be a lot easier to approach strangers.

4) Make big promises and keep them: For those of us who ignore the fear of being rejected, we make opportunities to promise the best date ever.  And then deliver on it.  When the first date turns into a second and then a third and so on, keep making big promises.  Don’t get lazy when you get into a relationship.  Go even bigger.

5) Ship it out the door: This isn’t always easy.  Shipping means to go for it.  Instead of waiting for everything to be perfect, trust that you are ready to figure it out as you go.  Godin says, “when in doubt, see #1”.

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