My Dating Challenge Prepared Me To Meet More Mates

It’s been six months with six Seth Godin books that taught me countless lessons in love this year. Here’s a recap of how marketing books provided amazing advice to get more dates.

January Book Selection – Linchpin: I need to outwork every other girl if I want to be the one that people want on their team. Godin said to be indispensable. As part of that advice, I joined in an effort to win some guys over in hopes of finding one guy who wanted me around. It finally worked two months later. For a little while.

February Book Selection – Free Prize Inside: While I obviously want a guy to like me for who I am, it doesn’t hurt to incentivize them at first by planning an extra cool date. For example, if they like college basketball, getting great seats to a big game can get their attention. Then, it’s up to me to keep things interesting just by being me.

March Book Club Selection – All Marketers Are Liars/Storytellers: To get and or keep the attention, I need to be able to tell my story. Focusing on stories that encompass who I am makes it possible to sell myself to get a date. The more I practice, the better I become at sharing parts of my life that make me interesting, and then the second part is finding someone who also thinks it’s interesting. That second part is the challenge!

April Book Selection – Tribes: Friends are a great way to meet someone. Well, that’s assuming your friends don’t set you up with a dud which sometimes happens when married people look for someone because they usually have limited single friends and they often think that I’ll date anyone because it must be better than being alone. Those dates are never good. But I’m not afraid to use my network (aka Tribe) to spread my story as long these friends are as prepared as I am when it comes to selling me to a potential date. If they don’t have the right pitch for the right guy, I’m not surprised when it doesn’t workout. Having this personal touch has yielded better results than online dating so in April, I quit eHarmony.

May Book Selection – Small is the New Big: In the spirit of quitting, I also stopped reading dating books each month because they weren’t providing any additional insight. Godin’s marketing books gave me the best advice, and in May, he reminded me to think big even in a niche area. Instead of trying to meet as many guys as possible, I need to focus in on the ones who have the most potential.

June Book Selection – We Are All Weird: There is no question that I’m weird so this book encouraged me to not be so quick to judge someone. Usually after one date I can figure out whether it will work out long term. But sometimes I was dismissing a guy because he was “weird” instead of embracing it. When I did that, I actually went on three dates with a guy from All of the advice from the last six months culminated into the start of a true potential relationship. But then, I couldn’t look last one weird thing … he never took the initiative in planning the dates. He was always waiting for things to happen, and I just couldn’t see myself pulling someone along the rest of my life. I want a guy with some confidence and drive in his life, so I just had to let him go.

So looking ahead to the next six months, I’m excited to keep learning about myself and about others so I can continue meeting guys who might be my kind of weird. The entire experience has challenged me and I’m optimistic that the second half of the year will be just as amazing. There’s no question that Seth Godin will marry me.

This month, I’m taking his advice down under as I’ve been on vacation in Australia for the last week. Being in a different country instantly makes me more interesting. People want to talk to me about what it’s like to live in America, and they actually tell me that I have a cool accent. Of course like in any foreign country there have been a few instances of miscommunication like when one mate out at the pub said it looked like I was “on the piss”.

“Excuse me?”

“On the piss,” he repeated.

Apparently that means “on a drinking spree”, but that mate was unable to translate so the conversation died. No charming Australian accent could save it at that moment, but after a few days, I’ve embraced the weird.

australia boat

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