Week 5: What's Your Free Dating Prize Inside?

A man with money or a guy in a band sometimes become more attractive when they talk about taking a trip on their private jet or pick up their guitar to play in front of a packed room.  Even when it’s an 80’s metal cover band, these women are throwing themselves at these guys dressed up like band members, long-haired wigs and all.  I was in Scottsdale for the weekend watching different bands and young women were chasing after the old dudes with money in the VIP section each night.

These guys know what these girls are after, and everyone is totally cool with it.  I chatted with a few of these older gentlemen about these ladies and the consensus was that these women may have been first attracted to them for their luxurious lifestyle, eventually they do begin to really like each other.  They way they see it, they are all getting what they want out of the relationship.  It’s not perfect, but the argued that relationships never are.  Fair enough.

So for the next four weeks of my 52-Week Seth Godin Challenge, I will be re-reading “Free Prize Inside” where he essentially breaks down how marketing folks can use free stuff to make the sale. I picked this book because as I was sitting in the skybox at the Phoenix Open on Saturday I realized that the golf-related texts I was sending to the guy back home I’ve been talking to was an effort to show him that I’m a cool golf girl.  He loves golf, so I was scoring some huge points with every text about my experience.  At one point he even wrote, “I don’t know how this isn’t going to work out between you and me.”

phoenix open solo

Godin does it again.  The dating book that I started reading for this month, “Make Every Guy Want You”, appears to have the same underlying theme to land a man as “Free Prize Inside” by making sure he knows what you have to offer.  This book is endorsed by Kelly Ripa, which fits perfectly to have a celebrity testimonial when we’re talking about gimmicks being applied to make a sale.

Looking back through the yeas, this isn’t the first time I’ve used my love of sports to immediately get a guy’s attention.  Dropping my trip the Final Four and to the Super Bowl years ago both catapulted me above the other girls that were vying for their attention.  Even though I didn’t take these guys to those particular games, they knew that if we went out, we’d probably do something equally as cool.  Just like the guy who talks about his private jet, he doesn’t need to actually take those ladies anywhere that night.  Just mentioning the plane is enough of a free prize to reel them in.

Of course, you can put your prize out too quickly or forcefully, which can turn people off. While in Scottsdale, I was talking with a guy about the Phoenix Open and we had tickets to the same private area the next day.  Since he didn’t have anything additional to throw out there on the subject, he just rolled his eyes and said, “Well, I never do general admission, that’s for sure.”  He was trying to make sure I knew that he’s a baller whenever he goes.

When I started to walk away after that comment he said, “You should come to the Super Bowl with me this weekend.”

“Oh, it’s too cold for the Super Bowl,” I said.   “That’s why we came to Arizona.”

“Well, the Super Bowl is way more prestigious than this golf event.”

“It’s definitely a blast, but I’d rather go when it’s in a warm city like when I went in San Diego years ago.”

“You’ve been to one? Well, these tickets were free. I don’t pay for things like that.  I bet you paid for your tickets.  People just give stuff to me.”

Getting the right prize inside is key.  I remember being a kid at the grocery store picking out the kind of cereal I wanted based on the toy inside.  I would sacrifice the better cereal for the best prize.  They advertised big and bold on the outside of the box.  In dating, sometimes a more subtle approach is more effective.  

Have you ever advertised a free prize when trying to get a date?

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