January Recap: Five Things I Learned About Dating From A Marketing Guru

The last month I’ve been making decisions based on two books.  As part of my 52-Week Challenge, I set out to prove that dating books provide the same advice as the dozens of marketing books I’ve read through the years.  Specifically, the marketing books written by my man, Seth Godin.  To help prove that dating and marketing advice is the same, I picked two books that look completely different on the outside and applied them to my dating life this month.  “Linchpin” by Godin talks about not being perfect before you “ship it” and “He’s Just Not That Into You” author Greg Behrendt says something similar by trying “stupid shit” is better than not trying at all.

So this month, I didn’t wait to be perfect.  I tried some stupid shit.  Here are the Top 5 things I learned this month implementing the advice of these two authors:

1) Joining Match.com brought hundreds of single fellas right to my computer, so then I had to create a profile that would help me stand out among all of the single ladies they had to choose from.  Within days, I had a marriage proposal.

Match email

2) Tall girls who think 30 is old make the best wingwomen because they get everyone’s attention, but only a few guys truly get theirs.  That allows me to come sweeping in.  There’s nothing wrong with second place in this case.

3) Good looking dudes hear how gorgeous they are so much that apparently it doesn’t even phase them.  When talking to someone out of my league, I need to come up with something way more original.  Or maybe talk to guys who are a normal amount of good looking?

4) It’s harder to meet a guy when you are out with a guy friend.  Even when we went out with a group of girls, everyone assumed that my friend and I were dating.  Despite my best attempts to convince people that he was my brother, no one believed us.  Apparently people still believe you can’t be friends with the opposite sex.  Maybe I can convince them he’s my cousin?

5) Smiling while you’re out increases your chances of meeting someone.  Apparently I look less boring when I smile, and way more approachable.  And it’s way less effort to have the guys come to me.  If a smile will make that happen, it will be easy to smile.

Overall, these two books both encourage people to stop waiting to be perfect before taking a risk to meet someone.  When you put emotion into the process, you stand out among the others who are just going through the motions.  Make yourself indispensable in life and in love.  You never know whose eye you will catch when you put yourself out there.  After announcing my 52-Week Challenge earlier this month, I received an email from Seth Godin himself.  Seeing his name in my email reminds me that anything is possible if you work for it.  I look at it often.

seth godin email

What are some of your favorite dating books?  What pieces of advice did you take away from them?

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