Dating Should Be A Lifestyle, Not Just A New Year's Resolution

Drinking a Diet Coke with a mound of fast food won’t help you with your New Year’s Resolution to lose weight.  This is one of the most popular resolutions that people make when they take a look back at the last year.  They vow to make changes, but rarely do they stick to their plans.

The gyms are always crazy-crowded right, but by the time February rolls around, you see the numbers dwindling.  The people who want to make drastic changes are the ones who give up because instead of creating a plan spread out over the year, they try to cram it all in to see results right away.  And they get discouraged if they don’t.

In order to be healthy, my friend has been reminding me for four years that “it’s a lifestyle”.  When I finally started listening to him, I saw the results.  You can’t just work hard for one month and expect everything to happen.  If you’re setting the same goals each year, you know what I’m talking about.  For me, dating has become a lifestyle, so when I saw the piece on the Today Show about last weekend being the busiest online dating time of the season, I realized that I’m in the minority of people who approach it this way.

According to the segment, “ found that 51% of singles’ New Year’s resolutions will be to socialize more and focus on finding that special someone, making the desire to connect with someone a driving force for singles to get online after the holidays,” Match president Amarnath Thombre told “After spending the holidays solo with your mother, aunts and friends badgering you about you singledom, singles are looking to start the New Year off with a renewed approach to finding a relationship.”

Just like in business, when you set a goal, the key is to keep it top of mind and frequently evaluate your progress.  Maybe it seems desperate to approach dating the same way people attack business, but it’s definitely been fun.

You can spend time wishing you had a boyfriend/girlfriend, or you can put yourself out there to find one.  Looking for opportunities to get out in the community, join a group that interests you or ask friends to set you up are just a few tactics that will help you create a routine that’s so fun you won’t even realize you’re working towards your goal everyday.

When you see someone who lost a bunch of weight, you might think, “Man, they’re so lucky”, but in reality they worked for it.  It’s okay to work for something you want and if a boyfriend/girlfriend is that thing, then go for it.

And take someone with you.  Having a workout buddy keeps people motivated, holds them accountable and makes it more fun.  The same is true with a dating buddy.  You can encourage each other to go out instead of sitting at home.  The ones who work toward something all year are more likely to find it.  When you set your goals in January, don’t forget to create a plan to reach them.

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So put down that Diet Coke, and get out there and introduce yourself to someone new everyday.  You never know how saying hello to a stranger can change your life.

How do you stay motivated throughout the year?  Who holds you accountable?

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