Week 2: Believe In Something Remarkable

I went on 125 first dates in five years with very few of those leading to a second.  I kept an open mind and said yes to just about everyone.  Then, last year I took a break.  I was much more selective, and only went on a handful of first dates.  Instead I was able to rule them out through the process of emailing, texting and talking on the phone.

So last week, I started my 52-Week Challenge with my first one being to stop waiting for things to be perfect.  I was going to start “shipping” again.  I’d been talking to a guy from eHarmony for a few weeks.  He seemed like a good guy, so we finally made plans to meet for dinner.

Halfway through the date, I started thinking that he wasn’t “the one”.  That his humor wasn’t like mine.  That he talked about his college days a lot.  But then I thought that shipping isn’t just going on the date.  It’s giving him a real chance once I’m there.  How quickly can you tell if someone could be perfect for you?

First dates can be awkward, but this one wasn’t.  We’d been emailing and texting so much that we skipped over quite a bit of the small talk.  It was like two friends chatting.  Friends.  That can be a little tricky if you get thrown into the Friend Zone so the second date, assuming there is one, will be telling.  So it’s time to prepare.

Godin says:
“Being slightly remarkable is a losing strategy.”

Behrendt says:
“I know you can get lonely.  But I truly believe that the only way you can find out that there’s something better out there is to first believe there’s something better out there.”

While I’m taking extra efforts to give this guy a chance, I also need to make sure I’m going all in with selling myself.  That I am showing him why I’m remarkable, and then he can follow my lead.  And if it still doesn’t fit, Behrendt says that’s okay.

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