You Don't Have To Wait For Perfect Timing

In sales, timing is everything.  I’ve experimented with the days of the week, especially when big sporting events are going on, which is way more effective than going to a New Kids on the Block concert for example.  Both are equally fun, but on a regular day it’s about the perfect timing.

This year, I’ve also been testing out different times of the day.  I’m looking for someone who is really active.  As much as I love sitting on my couch and just watching a movie, I also like to get out and do things.  As part of this process, I’ve been going out kinda early on the weekends instead of waiting.  They say nothing good happens after midnight or according to “How I Met Your Mother”, after 2 am.  Either way, getting out early gives me more time and hopefully more opportunities.

It also got me thinking that those who wait to go out are usually the younger crowd. On the opposite side, I find older people eating dinner at 5 pm, so I thought the best way to find someone my age would be to go out sometime in between.  And then Santacon happened.  Santas everywhere.  Out early.  Most of them young, crowding up the place.  One of my favorite things about Chicago is that there’s always something random going on, but it’s throwing off my experiment.

Over the last month, not including all of the Santas, going out around 6 pm on Saturday has been a much better target audience.  While the quantity of people is smaller they are usually around my age, which is one of the most important things I’m looking for these days.  I have trouble dating anyone who says they watched “Friends” for the first time on Nick At Nite.

I do like hanging out with people younger than me though.  They are fun and usually think 40 is old, so they can get the attention of these guys, but then have no interest in dating them.  That works out well for me.

So what I’m looking for is someone who is young at heart.  And time can help me with this too.  I was texting with a guy last week to set up a date for Thursday and he asked, “Is 8 pm too late to meet for a drink?”  A simple question, but one that led me to ask a few more questions that made me postpone the date.  Timing is everything.

How can you tell if someone will be a good match before you meet them?

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