Words of Dating Wisdom From A Chicago Business Consultant

At the end of the year, most businesses take a look at their finances to put together a plan for the next year.  Chicago business consultant and author, Leann Hoagland-Smith, has five questions she uses to guide companies into the new year, so I decided to answer these same questions as I figure out what’s ahead for 2014.

1) How did this year’s sales compare to the last 3-5 years?

When I change the word “sales” to “dates”, this year was definitely fewer than the last few years.  Even though I’m pretty much fearless when it comes to meeting someone, I’ve become even pickier when it comes to making a date.  Because I travel a lot, it usually takes awhile to actually find a time that works, and during that time, we text and/or talk enough that I know it’s not going to be a match so I would cancel the date before it happened.

2) How did this year’s profits compare with profits in the past 3-5 years?

In the past, I would say yes to every date to keep an open mind in an effort to not miss out on someone who falls outside my normal type.  But these dates always ended without any chance of a second one, so this year all of that prescreening via text or phone resulted in fewer dates, but better quality overall.

3) Did the business meet its goals?

I didn’t set hard goals, but one of my objectives was to turn my traveling into opportunities and the other was to find random ways to meet someone.  For the latter, that included being part of the Guinness Book of World Records for the Largest First Date.

steve harvey first date

I was one of 654 people at Navy Pier that day where I met a nice guy, but by the end of the date, I knew he wasn’t for me.  Facebook friends is as far as that would go, but that was just one of the obscure opportunities I embraced in 2013.

4) Are your repeat sales up, down or flat?

This past year, my repeat dates were definitely down.  I was more serious this year about finding the right guy that second dates were few and far between.

5) Is overall equity up, down or constant?

She asks this question because business owners tends to think their companies are worth more than they actually are, especially for those who put in the long hours every week.  I put forth a more concerted effort this year to find a boyfriend, but overall I committed less time because I managed things better.  So even though I didn’t find boyfriend, my value is still the same.

Looking back on the last 3-5 years from a business angle gave me some perspective as I head into 2014.  What were your results this year?  What will you change for 2014?

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