Don't Take No For An Answer And You Might Just Get A Date

I didn’t realize the impact a pair of heels would have when I ran into the grocery store on Saturday night.  I know what a great place the store can be to meet someone so I always try to look put together, but I wasn’t expecting so many people to stare at me as I buzzed by them in the aisles.

I didn’t wear what could quite possibly be the loudest pair of shoes I own on purpose.  Maybe it wasn’t all of the shoes’ fault.  I was in a hurry so my steps were magnified. I ran inside to grab a bottle of wine for a girls’ night in and ended up talking to several girls along the way.  The girls in their sweatpants and overflowing carts looked a little annoyed.  A few girls asked me where I bought my boots.  And one elderly fella asked me for my phone number.

Each person I passed was doing something that allowed me to make huge assumptions about their relationship status.  I saw other people who also looked like they were just popping in on their way out with friends.  There was the guy grabbing a bottle of wine with a Red Box movie in his hand who I’m sure was having a date night.  And then there were those doing their weekly shopping who looked like they were planning to stay in for the night.

After I bounded down to the liquor aisle, I was subconsciously tapping my extra-loud foot trying to figure out which bottle to pick.  I supposed this was annoying to some, but it turned out to be inviting for others.  Of the three guys in the aisle, I decided to steer clear of the guy with the wine and movie.

So then it was down to the other two guys: 1) had a pizza in his hand as he checked prices on which 12-pack of beer to pick up, and 2) had a bottle of Fireball Whisky in his left hand and was picking up a case of beer with the other.  Because my Fireball days are behind me, I said to the pizza guy, “I’m headed to girls’ night. Thoughts on what to bring?”

He asked me a few questions about the crowd and we settled on the Skinny Girl comso.  “My girlfriend really likes that.”  So, I had guessed wrong, however, I still stand behind my decision of avoiding the Fireball.

But as all salespeople do, I decided not to take no for an answer.  Settle down.  I’m not a home wrecker.  I asked him if he was headed to meet her, but he said he was going out with friends.  I liked this answer for two reasons, 1) I had at least gotten that part right, and 2) it allowed me to ask about his friends because he’s gotta have at least one single one, I assume.

Within a few minutes, he invited my friends and I to meet them out that night.  Don’t let rejection keep you from asking.  Every obstacle is an opportunity.  Make some noise.  Get some dates.

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