False Advertising Can Ruin Dates

If you’ve ever been to Fogo de Chao, you’ve been part of the most amazing all-you-can eat meat experience. These adorable men float around the restaurant constantly coming by your table to make sure you have exactly what you want. In excess.

But what happens when another table flashes a big tip to keep the Filet Guy lingering near them? You know, the one who’s carrying the bacon-wrapped filet! Pretty soon, you’re only seeing the Lamb Guy so you’re forced to fill your plate with salad from the salad bar. And while that salad bar is legit, Fogo de Chao advertises the meat, so bring on the bacon.

When I’m invited for a night out with the girls, I expect to hang out with the girls. Of course, I know that when we travel in a pack like that, random guys will approach us, but the key is balancing your time, and most importantly, sticking together.

So when the advertising is inconsistent, the whole night can go up in flames. When the girl around the girls’ night announces, “I don’t want a boyfriend! This night is about being with my girls!”, you expect some quality time with friends. When the night strays from that plan, drama ensues.

Instead of getting annoyed with the girl, I should be upset with myself for falling for it. Again. When bosses say they aren’t micromanagers, they are the ones who stand over your shoulder all day. When a guy continues to tell me how much fun he is, that usually means our date will be a snoozefest. Don’t tell me you’re fun. Just show me.

If you advertise that it’s all-you-can-eat or a girls’ night or the most fun night of your life, create a plan and stick to it. But also be ready to adjust it. If you see my eyes glaze over or I check my watch constantly, go into your bag of fun tricks you bragged about to try something else.

If a guy wants to buy you a drink when you’re out with the girls, go for one and come back to the party. Think about what the point of the night was and ask yourself, “is ignoring my friends what I came out to do?” If the answer is no, make the adjustment.

If you’re pushing salad around your plate ask yourself, “did I come to an all-you-can-eat restaurant to be heathy?” Of course not, flash the Filet Guy a smile and get that meat train back on track!

Sometimes false advertising happens on accident while others do it on purpose, but either way, it may work once or twice, but if you’re looking for something long term, it’s as easy as doing what you say. Consumers want to buy things from companies they trust and people want to date someone they trust, so it doesn’t get much easier than being who you are. They’re going to see through the lie eventually.

When in doubt, add bacon.

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