Work Overtime On Labor Day

This weekend the pools start to close.  The weather simmers down.  Football season begins.  This end-of-the-summer holiday just makes you want to sit back and relax after enjoying the best season in Chicago.  But what you should be doing is going to work.  Just because it’s a holiday doesn’t mean you take a break from enjoying the summer.  Did you meet the guy or girl of your dreams?  Then, get back out there!

Resist the urge to chill out at home with a glass of wine and a couple of friends, and think like a salesperson.  Retail stores take advantage of every holiday, even Labor Day.  They have crazy sales to get your attention in an effort to get you coming back over and over.  They know you have the day off so they try to entice you into spending time (and money) at their stores.  And their sales tactics work.

There’s a sense of urgency when you see an end-of-the-season sale.  And that works in dating too.  Get out there and command attention.  Show people why they should talk to you.  Make the sale by having fun stories ready for whatever situation you go into.  Hit North Avenue Beach to join a random group of people playing volleyball or hit the stride of a cute girl/guy running by the lake.  If you’re going to get out there make some noise while you’re at it.

While most people have given up on the Cubs, it’s still a great place to meet people.  When the stands aren’t packed, you can pop around to different sections looking for fun people.  Ask them to take your photo to get the conversation started.

Katie Cubs game

“This is my friend from St. Louis,” I said. “This is her first time at Wrigley.”

“You know where you should go?” the cute boy asked.

The flirting begins.  And, continues throughout the stadium.

Katie wrigley 2

Then, into the Captain Morgan Club to Bernie’s and so on.  By the end of the day, we had our pitch perfected, which made it way easier to talk to whoever we wanted.  Of course, not everyone was interested in talking to us, but rejection is part of the process.  We shook it off and went on to the next person.  You won’t always make the sale, but you definitely won’t make one if you don’t even try.

What’s your story?  How are you selling it?  And most importantly, who’s listening?

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