I Know Why I'm Single. Do You?

The question I get the most is “why are you still single?” They look me up and down positive that they will find something visible that must be keeping me from getting married. As if they expect to see a third arm or a long tail. They follow up with, “do you have kids?”, “have you been married before?” and “so you’ve never even been divorced?” They are dying to know why I’m single.

My girl friends and I always talk about this because we overhear conversations that make us say, “oh, well that might be why they’re single!” Hearing women tell stories about cheating on their boyfriends or using their credit cards without asking as if that’s acceptable behavior could be why these fellas chose to move on.

Then, Saturday happened. We attended an event for singles where we had eavesdropping overload. But it wasn’t just the stories these women shared about their last relationship, it was observing them in the situation in general. The event was huge so it’s to be expected that some things could’ve been executed differently, but how you handle yourself during times like this can really show the real you.

My friends and I went with the flow while some other women freaked out.  There were different types of freak:

Miss Know It All

These ladies could’ve run this event perfectly and they were more than happy to tell you how. They actually did tell some of the organizers how to do their jobs. And it wasn’t in a nice way.

Miss Passive Aggressive

The girl who talked on her phone the entire time made her message loud and clear despite not actually being able to hear what she was saying.

Miss Entitled

For those who didn’t meet a guy they liked at the event, they decided to make up for the time they invested by indulging in the free stuff. It started out harmlessly enough by grabbing extra food and stuffing bottles of water in their purses. Then, a few started breaking up other couples to make a play for someone they felt should’ve been talking to them instead. And it ended with girls taking more swag than intended, actually pilfering through other people’s swag bags.

Miss Vodka

While the event didn’t supply alcohol, some women brought their own. And I’m all for having cocktails, but tailgates are usually the only place I bring my own. When you have to hide it in your purse, it might just be best to leave it at home. And when your crude conversations can be heard all the way across the room, lowering the volume is a good idea.

Miss Picky

When you have too many choices, like online dating services, you can get even pickier. The excuses we heard as to why they didn’t like the guys they met included, “he’s too young”, “he looks too young”, “his name is the same as my last boyfriend”, “I don’t date redheads” and “did you see his shoes?” Being in this environment allows you to give someone a chance who you might otherwise have passed by.  I wish other people would’ve agreed with us on that.

Miss Catty

The event organizers suggested women wear “cocktail attire”, and how people defined that was all over the place. This, of course, opened everyone up to being judged like they’ve never been judged before.  While I’m not going to pretend I didn’t have a comment or two going through my head, those who made sure the women heard what they were saying out their outfit of choice were just plain rude.

Miss Indifferent

Even some women who were all dressed up cared about being comfortable above all else. Instead of taking a seat on the chair, this woman popped a squat on the nearest trash can. Not the most sanitary choice before meeting a potential boyfriend, but at least she wasn’t putting up a front.

Singles Event Trash Can

As we sat there watching these women, we were completely fascinated by how they acted when the guys weren’t around. What a great way to weed women out. If only they had hidden cameras to show the men how they handled a situation when it didn’t go as planned. How do act when you think no one is watching?

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