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Last week, I read an article on Mashable about parents who share too much on Facebook, including stories about potty training and items stuck in their kids’ noses.  Most of my single friends hide posts from their friends with kids because of posts like that.  I just skim over them, but that’s okay because I’m not their target market.  These things are probably interesting and funny to people who are like them, so I’m sure they could care less that their single friends block their posts.

I’m sure they hide our posts too.  Some married folks tell me they live vicariously through me, but who knows?  Just like I’m not their target, they aren’t mine.  I can’t please everyone, so my posts are meant for me.  That means this single girl in the city is sharing the randomness that is my life.  To me, Facebook is a great resume for dating that is being updated in real time.

If you meet someone you’re interested in dating, friend them.  Then, start posting like you’ve never posted before.  Make sure you don’t miss an opportunity to tell your story.  Instead of trying to tell someone you’re super funny, like to travel or are uber smart, show them by posting photos, links, videos and comments that make it so completely obvious.  If you have an awesome job, post a photo of the cool things you get to do.  If someone hooks you up with a VIP experience, post it.  If you love dogs and kids, post photos of you having the best time anyone has ever had with dogs and kids.

In addition to adding comments and photos to your page, write cool things on your friends’ pages.  If you’re out with a friends, make sure they tag you when they post a photo (assuming it’s a great photo of you or offer to Photoshop it for them before it goes up!).  If one of their awesome friends comments on the photo, write something that gets their attention.

Marketing is all about relationships.  Using your network.  The same is true with dating.  If you have 1, 000 friends and they have a 1,000 friends, well that’s a lot of people you have access to!  So what are all of these people seeing from you in their feed?

Below are 10 examples of single folks sharing just enough information on Facebook:

1. Can Be Self-Deprecating

Clown Makeup

2. Laughs at Life

Plate of Potatoes

3. Is Funny

Chinese Food

4. Tries New Things

World War z

5. Is a City Girl

Smell Hair

6. Is Fiery

Two Guys

7. Is a Smart Traveler

Airplane pamphlet

8. Likes Bathroom Humor


9. Likes to Have Fun

Pearl Jam Tickets

10. Has A Cool Job

Darius pass


Have you turned a friend into a boyfriend/girlfriend using Facebook?  Share your stories using the comment section below!

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