It Doesn't Have To Be Your Birthday To Get Attention

Birthdays make it easy to get attention.  People are singing happy birthday, buying shots, toasting to everything, opening presents, bringing balloons, etc.  When it’s your 40th birthday, the attention gets even more ridiculous, especially when you and your friends are single.  You don’t even have to be the birthday girl to get noticed.  You can just be part of the entourage.  Of course, if you’re not 40, you might want to make note of that, which is what I did yesterday when we celebrated my friend’s birthday.

Birthday hat

We went out in Wrigleyville during the Cubs game to ensure people would be out and about.  We sat on the patio near the sidewalk to be exposed to people beyond just the bar we were at.  We kept it as a girls only party to help advertise that we are single.  And we had some party favors to get that extra boost of attention.  This combo did provide a conversation starter for some folks at the bar and passing through, but nothing of substance, which could’ve had something to do with the fact that the bars looked like this less than an hour after the game.

Vines patio

We adjusted our plan by popping around to different places.  Checked in with friends who are bartenders to pick our next spot.  We even split up at one point, with some girls checking out the street festival a few blocks away, which appeared to be where  everyone had gone after the game.

So even with the proper planning for such a monumental event, staying flexible is key to making the most of your day.  It would’ve been nice to give our friend the gift of meeting someone fun, but at the end of the day it was just about celebrating with friends.  Besides, those party hats can always be worn again … she’ll be 40 for 364 more days!  Or we could step it up a notch with our accessories next time since we saw guys dressed like Batman and the Incredible Hulk who were stopped for photos all day.   Maybe Ronnie Woo Woo is on to something …

ronnie woowoo

What are some things you’ve done to stand out in a crowd?

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