Get In Dating Game By Going Out For Chicago Blackhawks Game

I hate baseball and beer. And yet Opening Day is one of my favorite days. Despite living in Oklahoma for three years, I’ve been to the last 4-out-of-5 home openers for the Chicago Cubs. I’ve actually only missed one in the last decade, but the last five years I’ve been single, and Opening Day is totally different when you’re on the market. Every year I’m amazed more single women don’t take the day off for this occasion. Even if you don’t go to the game, the bars around the ballpark are packed with guys, easily a 7-to-1 ratio. Once inside Wrigley Field, the numbers are even higher, which you can tell by the long lines outside the men’s restroom with no waiting for the women. It’s pretty much the perfect day.



Even though it’s a vacation day, it can feel like I’m working because I use some of the same sales tactics whenever I’m out. Marketing is about building relationships to sell a product, so five years ago I started experimenting to see if I could sell myself. In a PG kinda way of course. Instead of the four Ps of Marketing, I live by the Four Rs of Marketing (Myself). With Game 6 of the Blackhawks game on tonight, this is just as good as Opening Day because it’s a pivotal game on a Monday night so the number of girls out for the game should be limited. Below are two of the Rs of Marketing that I used for Opening Day and will use tonight:


After hundreds of first dates, I’m comfortable enough to go it alone in my everyday life. Instead of sitting in the corner wondering about the guy across the bar, I create a plan to meet him. After minimizing the competition by going out during peak hours for men and the non-peak hours for women, I also tried to minimize the rejection by figuring out an easy way to know their relationship status. Since I’m not friends with Mark Zuckerberg, I had to create my own method to get this information, which was as easy as buying a beer. It starts by asking the waitress to go to a table of guys to tell them Miller Lite is giving away a free beer to any guy who is completely unattached. Then, I zero in on the ones who take a beer from the tray. Easily the best $20 I spend all day as the return on investment is usually high.

Once I know who is single, it’s as simple as shooting them a smile or walking over to start a conversation, like “Do you know who’s singing the 7th inning stretch?” or “What do you think about the Cubs adding a videoboard?” If you don’t know sports, a sure-fire line is always, “I just bought this Cubs shirt. Do you think it’s too tight?” If you need help with an opening line, follow me on Twitter (@HitzAndMrs), as I’m a pretty good virtual wingwoman. Practice your pitches until you find the ones that work and it all becomes second nature to chat up whoever you want.


To be active in this game usually means striking out more than making a connection. A good batting average for baseball players is .300 so in the dating game that translates to rejecting and/or being rejected 7-out-of-10 times. Seven times! Trust me, you get used to it. In a good way. I was once rejected by a guy wearing two Football championship rings. Correction, two Fantasy Football championship rings. And while I love Fantasy Football more than most girls, I thought this was a bit odd.

When I asked about them he said, “Yeah, I pretty much win every year, but when I don’t the other guys in the league waste their winnings on stupid stuff like TVs.”

He ended the conversation with, “You seem nice, but I can’t date someone who doesn’t go to church every Sunday.”

And that’s when I realized I couldn’t let these rejections get me down because people are picky. Extremely picky, especially in Chicago where you have so many people in the city. We don’t give someone a chance because they have the same name as an ex-boyfriend or they’re too old or they live in the suburbs. Think about the craziest reason you’ve rejected someone, and know that everyone has done something just as ridiculous. I once broke up with a guy because he sent too many compliments via text. What? I broke up with a guy because he liked me too much? Basically, we’re all a little crazy and that’s what makes it scary to put yourself out there. But if you shake off the losses, you won’t miss the next opportunity.

Over the last four years I had a few relationships, but that wasn’t without my fair share of rejection along the way. But if I don’t talk to a guy, he’s definitely not going to like me. If I do talk to him, at least I have a chance. I’m not the prettiest girl in the room, or the coolest, or even the funniest, but I’m usually the boldest, which gives me the advantage over the girls who are waiting for something to happen.

Being single isn’t a curse, like the Cubs’ billy goat. It’s a way to have fun and meet awesome people who will help you grow. You can set yourself up for success by finding opportunities, like Opening Day or the Stanley Cup finals, to stand out among the crowd. If you don’t meet someone that night, that’s okay. There’s no crying in baseball (or hockey). This is practice to prepare you for the next at bat.

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