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The ten best albums from 1971

1971 was a special year in the world of popular/rock music. Some of the greatest acts of the classic rock era released their best and most influential work. For the last year, this column has run a series highlighting almost thirty albums from that year. The goal was to see how they held up after... Read more »

Should the Rolling Stones play "Brown Sugar" in concert?

Let’s Spend the Night Together19th Nervous BreakdownRocks OffGet Off of My CloudTumbling DiceRuby TuesdayYou Can’t Always Get What You WantLiving in a Ghost TownStart Me UpHonky Tonk WomenConnectionSlipping AwayMiss YouPlay VideoMidnight RamblerPaint It BlackSympathy for the DevilJumpin’ Jack FlashGimme Shelter(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction The above is a setlist from a recent Rolling Stones concert.... Read more »

Classic albums from 1971 are now fifty years old. Are you still listening to them?

Pearl was Janis Joplin's final album. It was released months after her death.
1971 was a great year in the genre of classic rock. We still had artists from the British Invasion era making music, while at the same time we witnessed the start of the singer-songwriter era. There was a lot of something for everyone. The albums from that year will reach the fifty-year mark in 2021.... Read more »

A personal look at 2016: Goodbye and don't come back

The year started with the death of David Bowie. It was shocking until we found out he had been fighting Cancer for 18 months. It was the start of the year of death for musicians. Frey, Prince, Russell, Haggard, Cohen among the many.
It’s the final day of 2016. That marks the end of the fourth calendar year of this blog. FOUR YEARS!!! Wow…is it like college where I get a piece of paper and have to leave? I started writing this as a way to tell stories about my life with Parkinson’s Disease. I figured there were... Read more »

The Rolling Stones are just a good ole blues band at heart

The Rolling Stones are just a good ole blues band at heart
Please allow me to introduce ourselves We’re a band of wealth and taste. Pleased to meet ya Hope you guessed our name. It’s the fall of 1989. The Coliseum. Los Angeles, California. The Steel Wheels Tour. The Rolling Stones. I remember leaving the concert thinking …man, these guys are old. The opening act that night... Read more »

Oldchella: A recap of two weekends at Desert Trip

Oldchella: A recap of two weekends at Desert Trip
It’s all over in Indio. Desert Trip, which is affectionately called Oldchella, which I called the music festival for old people ,has come to an end. Two weekends of music from the legends of the 1960’s and 70’s was …well legendary. In a year where the music business has lost a lot of it’s all... Read more »

In 2016, The Rolling Stones are more relevant than ever

In 2016, The Rolling Stones are more relevant than ever
Rediscovering is cool! Do you have a book you like to read every decade or so? Mine is “To Kill A Mockingbird.” I like to read it every few years or so. Movies and television are like that, too. My favorite movie has always been “Casablanca” and I go through withdrawal if I don’t see... Read more »

Mick Jagger is 73 today: The Rolling Stones Best Songs

<iframe width="640" height="360" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/XAWjSTwvroY" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
7. Tumbling Dice. From Exile in Main Street when the Stones were at their peak.
Mick Jagger turns 73 years old today. How did he get so old? How did we? Mick is celebrating is septuagenarian years by having a new baby, touring and possibly making a new studio album. We can celebrate his birthday by looking at the Stones best songs. The choices are very subjective so if you... Read more »

Mick Jagger: When it comes to children, eight is enough

Mick Jagger: When it comes to children, eight is enough
Ladies & Gentlemen….presented by Cialis…THE ROLLING STONES!!! Yep, because these guys need to be ready when the time is right….on and off the stage. It’s been a strange year in the world of music. The musicians are either dead or having children. Bowie, Prince, Frey DEAD! Jagger, Wood BABIES! C’mon guys, there has to be... Read more »

Is using your music to pitch products selling out or just good business?

<iframe width="640" height="360" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/I5exsScaHWo" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
John Newman- "Come and Get It". This song sells Fords. I never heard of the artist until seeing the ad. I know him now and that's one of the purposes of doing the commercial.
Sell Out! Those are the words used whenever we hear one of our favorite songs in a commercial. Remember how shocked you were when you heard The Beatles “Revolution” used to sell Nike shoes? Bob Dylan selling lingerie, yogurt, cars and computers? BLASPHEMY! There are lots of reasons for artists to have their songs in... Read more »
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