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I'm Giving A Speech

This afternoon I’m giving a speech on Parkinson’s Disease. Most of the people there are ages 50 and up. They have their own health issues. I’m an acquaintance of a member of this group. He read a couple of my pieces, passed them on and the next thing you know they’re asking me if I... Read more »

Michael J. Fox Foundation Teams Up for Research Into Parkinson's and Alzheimer's Connections

Parkinson’s patients have a two to four times better chance for developing dementia. It’s long overdue that these organizations pool their resources for better research. This is a story from yesterday’s USA Today about the how’s and why’s this is occurring. Three organizations will combine their efforts to look at common factors involved in diseases... Read more »

I Hit The Wall

Last weekend I wrote a couple of pieces about The Beatles. They are part of a series that ends this coming weekend. They have also been my most read stories. For those who have come back to read some more, I’ll give you a quick recap of how and why this blog started. About two... Read more »

A Long Cold Aching Winter

It’s been a beautiful winter, especially January. Snow, cold, snow, cold, yada, yada, yada. See, everything in life comes down to a Seinfeld episode. I was wondering what effects this extreme weather has on Parkinson’s patients and their meds. First stop was The National Parkinson’s Foundation. Their response… “There is no research that we are... Read more »

Free Ride

You’re looking at the title and thinking he’s going to write about Edgar Winter.  Maybe he’s even dead? Naaa….I wouldn’t do that. I am going to tell you that sometimes the system works. You just have to know how to work it and have a little patience. There really is a Free Ride if you... Read more »

Do That To Me One More Time

  The Captain and Tennille are getting divorced. After almost 40 years of marriage, they are calling it quits. For those of you under 100 years old and are wondering who are these two, they are a pop duo from the ’70s….the 1970’s. Today’s title “Do That To Me One More Time” was a big... Read more »

The Little Blue Pill

 Lets have a little chat about Neurology. It seems like I write about it a lot, but it’s more about the peripheral issues than the Neurologist himself. Wednesday, I actually got to see my Neurologist. I know…I was shocked to see him, too. This visit was just the second time I’ve seen him. At first... Read more »

Another Possible Breakthrough in Fighting Parkinson's Disease

It seems like every week we see something new and encouraging in the fight against Parkinson’s Disease. Here’s a new treatment that has shown to be effective in early trials. If this does work and gives Parkinson’s patients 5-10 years of relief, it would be a huge step forward. For me, help with loss of... Read more »

Coconut Oil For Parkinson's...Yes or No

In November, I did a piece about alternative treatments for Parkinson’s,  mostly coconut oil. Here’s the link to that story. http://www.riseearth.com/2013/10/coconut-oil-miraculously-helps.html Yesterday, The Michael J. Fox Foundation had a Facebook post about why people should beware of coconut oil. I thought this could be a good alternate view to what I posted two months ago.... Read more »

Oh The Weather Outside Is Frightful

And yesterday it wasn’t all that delightful on the inside.  This is John Stroger Hospital. Trust me when I tell you it doesn’t look as nice in person. You ever watch St. Elsewhere? It’s pretty damn close. I was scheduled to have a brain MRI yesterday. It was originally suppose to be done on December... Read more »
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