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Parkinson's, Valium and Alzheimers: A Deadly Trio

Parkinson's, Valium and Alzheimers: A Deadly Trio
Did you know that people with Parkinson’s Disease have a two to four times higher possibility of developing Alzheimer’s than the general population? Yeah…isn’t that great! In addition to the tremors, balance problems, sleep issues, constipation, urinary tract infections and all the other shit that comes with PD, we’re now much more susceptible to one... Read more »

Parkinson's Awareness Month:30 Days-30 Stories/Day Twenty-One:Brain Trauma and Parkinson's

You hear a lot about football players and how they develop neurological diseases from years of playing. Their chances of developing dementia is well above that of the general population. I was interested in finding out if this was also the case for Parkinson’s Disease. I went right to the source.   Howard Moore to ‎National Parkinson... Read more »

Parkinson's Awareness Month: 30 Days-30 Stories/ Day Eight-Symptoms, Meds and Side Effects

Yesterday was about what is Parkinson’s Disease. Today we’ll look at symptoms, treatments and side effects. No one promised it would all be fun. One of the early signs of PD is a change in handwriting. It gets smaller and cramped. Very hard to read. The most recognizable sign is tremors. It starts as a... Read more »

My Doctor Dropped an F-Bomb

If you read this blog even occasionally you know I have a lot of doctors. I think the number is seven but I occasionally lose count. That’s why I was at this doctor’s office a couple of days ago. I’ve been having some short term memory problems. Simple stuff like days of the week. What... Read more »

Art Therapy For Parkinson's

I take an art class a few times each month. We work on everything from masks for Halloween to making Christmas decorations. I come from a fairly artistic family. My mother painted. My sister used to do these things with dots that was pretty cool. My sister in law is an artist. My oldest daughter... Read more »

Parkinson's and Meditation

Parkinson’s is no picnic in the park. Even the mildest symptoms aren’t that mild. I’ve mentioned before that balance is my biggest issue. I find ways to compensate but that throws my body out of alignment. My back hurts a lot…spasms. When you add in the stress of every day life, there’s a lot of... Read more »

Parkinson's Patients Receive Treatment By Video Call

If you’ve read any of my Parkinson’s posts over the last year, you know that getting to see a Neurologist has been a challenge. From the time I first started the process to the time of my Brain MRI’s and follow-up appointment, it was about six months. SIX MONTHS!! Lucky for me that I just have... Read more »

Parkinson's Moving Day 2014; What It Means To Me

Spring is around the corner. Get ready for the start of the charity walk/run season. 5k’s, half-marathons and even full marathons all trying to raise money and awareness for specific charities. Moving Day is what the National Parkinson’s Disease Foundation calls their events. Last years 5k, in Chicago, raised more than $350,000. That was $100,000... Read more »

The Michael J. Fox Show is Cancelled: What It Really Means

 The Michael J. Fox won’t be returning for a second season on NBC. The show was cancelled about ten days ago. NBC was counting on this to be a big winner and the show never delivered. It’s last episode had an audience of just 2.2 million viewers. The Thursday 9-10 pm Central time slot has... Read more »

Denial Is Not A River

  Last week Michael J. Fox and I received some disturbing news. Mike’s self -titled television show was cancelled and I received a decision on my disability claim. To quote Wayne or Garth, I forget which one, from Wayne’s World, “Stairway Denied.” Obviously Mike can handle the financial hit a little..well a whole lot better... Read more »
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