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Let's start with this video from a fraternity at Syracuse University. These guys hit on every group....blacks, Jews, women, LGBTQ...a grand slam of prejudice. Here's what I never understand about this crap...videos like this surface on college campuses a few times a year. The dudes doing this always get caught, the fraternity gets banned and the students are suspended or expelled. It never fails to go down this way. So why does this keep occurring? Plus, this was a fraternity of engineering students. These guys are supposedly bright enough to become engineers. Not anymore. How could not a single one of them not realize this wasn't a good idea and stop it? Idiots!
It’s time for another edition of The Week in Review. This week we’re going to focus on racism. I know we can do that every week but this week seemed to be especially bad. Here’s a peek: Type your email address in the box and click the “create subscription” button. My list is completely spam... Read more »