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What's the matter with people who are having Omicron parties?

We’re havin’ a partyDancin’ to the musicPlayed by the DJOn the radioThe Cokes are in the iceboxPopcorn’s on the tableMe and my babyWe’re out here on the floor Do you remember this back in what now seems like the olden days? Parents would intentionally let their children become infected with chickenpox. There were a few... Read more »

Lori Lightfoot vs John Catanzara: Who ya got?

It started with such promise. She was going to be different than the others. Lori Lightfoot was going to be the anti-Rahm. She was going to be the anti-Rich Daley. But as The Who said fifty years ago, “Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss.” It seems as if every time our current... Read more »

It's time to send the unvaccinated Covid patients home

You’re at home with your family. Maybe you’re having dinner, watching television or just relaxing with your loved ones. Suddenly you feel pain in your back. They’re brutal spasms that won’t stop. Someone says you may have kidney stones and you need to go to the local emergency room. You get there but the waiting... Read more »

How much more time do you need to decide about the Covid-19 vaccine?

“I’m still doing my research” or “I need more time to make my decision.” Those are two of the major reasons you hear from people who have yet to get the Covid-19 vaccine. They really aren’t reasons, they’re excuses. We’ve known about the vaccine for more than a year. The research was being fast-tracked by... Read more »

The Covid-19 vaccine kept me out of the hospital as it was supposed to do

Nicki Minaj on Twitter: “My cousin in Trinidad won’t get the vaccine cuz his friend got it & became impotent. His testicles became swollen. His friend was weeks away from getting married, now the girl called off the wedding.” Daris Friend, Gainesville, Florida city employee: “The vaccine changes your RNA, so for me that’s a... Read more »

Monoclonal antibodies vs Ivermectin: It's a life choice

The New York Times published a recent article that showed the odds of getting Covid after being vaccinated at 5000 to 1. Meet a One. It never crossed my mind that what I thought was a bad cold or maybe the flu was actually Covid. Yeah, the symptoms were almost identical but they disappeared so... Read more »

Eric Clapton's anti-vaccination views will cause people to die

Eric Clapton as a guitarist/musician is a legend. Eric Clapton as a human has been problematic. Eric Clapton as a medical expert is a fool. There’s never been any question about Clapton’s excellence as a musician. His skills as a guitarist earned him the nickname God early in his career. You’ll find him near the... Read more »

"Do I need to wear a mask here?"

Sign, signEverywhere a signBlockin’ out the sceneryBreakin’ my mindDo this, don’t do thatCan’t you read the sign? Last week, I was walking into a branch of the Chicago Public Library. A woman walking beside me said, “Do I need to wear a mask here?” I believe she was talking to herself, but I pointed to... Read more »

Van Morrison continues to be a putz about the Covid-19 pandemic

Van Morrison has two reputations. First, he is a musical genius. Second, he’s a prick. Yes, you can be both. The two are not mutually exclusive. Morrison’s career has spanned almost sixty years. He’s known for hit songs such as “Gloria”, “Brown Eyed Girl”, “Moondance” and “Tupelo Honey.” Among his forty-one studio albums include “Astral... Read more »

The clusterfuck of working the Covid-19 vaccination system

The clusterfuck of working the Covid-19 vaccination system
28 million cases of Covid-19 in the United States! 500,000 of us have died! The numbers are daunting. That’s how many Americans have been lost to the Covid-19 pandemic. While all the disease and death has been tragic, it appears we are seeing the light at the end of the dark tunnel. Vaccinations! In the... Read more »
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