After fifty years, I'm still looking for the meaning of "The Low Spark of High-Heeled Boys"

A few years ago, I was having a discussion about the Traffic album, “The Low Spark of High-Heeled Boys.” The person I was talking with claimed it was the best album of the 1970s decade. Although I loved the band and the album, I was more than a little skeptical. I did the research to... Read more »

Eric Clapton helps the homeless population in London

Like every big city, London has a homeless problem. From January to March of this year, more than three thousand people slept on the streets of England’s capital. The Streets of London is a charity that raises money to help support people who are experiencing homelessness in London. The money also helps to raise awareness... Read more »

It was a bad week for journalism in Chicago

It’s been a bad week for journalism in Chicago. Let’s take a look: Friday: It started last Friday. Actually, it started long before that with Alden’s purchase of Tribune Publishing stock, but the latest mess came to a head last weekend. The announcements of accepted buyouts by Heidi Stevens and John Kass brought both glee... Read more »

Happy Grandfather's Day to me?!

My experience with Father’s Day is extensive. I celebrated twenty-nine of them as a son before my father died, at age fifty-seven, in 1982. It was a case of quality over quantity, although in this case, a little more quantity would have been sweet. Today is my thirtieth Father’s Day as a dad. Like are... Read more »

Fifty years later, are you still "Sittin' In" with Kenny Loggins and Jim Messina?

One of my firm beliefs is your taste in music is set by the time you finish college. When you’re done with school real-life sets in; careers, family and other obligations take precedence over finding new bands and artists. Sure, you may occasionally find a new musician that you like/love but it’s rare. Changing diapers... Read more »

"Do I need to wear a mask here?"

Sign, signEverywhere a signBlockin’ out the sceneryBreakin’ my mindDo this, don’t do thatCan’t you read the sign? Last week, I was walking into a branch of the Chicago Public Library. A woman walking beside me said, “Do I need to wear a mask here?” I believe she was talking to herself, but I pointed to... Read more »

Why wasn't the band Poco a bigger success? A look at Poco, "From the Inside"

Do you have a favorite band or artist that you thought would be bigger musical stars than what actually happened? For me, that band is Poco. When the Buffalo Springfield broke up in 1968, the branches of their musical tree split in two different directions. Stephen Stills and Neil Young became Crosby, Still, Nash and... Read more »

Sixty-nine is nice....sorta

On my sixtieth birthday, I told my daughter that I had three goals I wanted to accomplish in the next decade. Now exactly nine years to the day, I have no idea what any of those three were. Memory issues big time! It comes with this age, I think. It’s been quite the decade, minus... Read more »

Is Portillo's overrated?

The time is 5 pm. It’s getting close to dinnertime. Mom is getting ready to ask the question she’ll soon regret, “What do you want for dinner?” Five year old Janie wants a hot dog…plain. She might eat tomatoes with it, but they need to be on the side, not on the hot dog. Her... Read more »

Is it the aging process or temporary brain fog?

I’m now in the final week of being sixty-eight. Next Friday, I’ll turn sixty-nine years old. Nice! Save all the other off-color jokes for then and the following three hundred and sixty-five days. It seems as if it was just a short time ago that I hit the big SIX-O. I remember that on the... Read more »
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