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Hey CDC, I'm not really ready to shred my mask?

It was February of 2020. I was at my doctor’s office for something routine. They asked me to put on a mask. Sure, why not. It was only for a half-hour. On the way out of the office, I grabbed this one from their front desk. I took this photo as a joke. Who knew... Read more »

Somebody up there really did like Ronnie Wood

In the last few years, rock documentaries seem to be the in-thing. Most of them have been mediocre or even worse, but at least you get to see and hear music on a big screen with excellent sound. I can think of worse ways to spend two hours. In 2019. Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood... Read more »

Take me out to the ballgame in a pandemic

Live baseball is back!!! Sorta!! I kind of remember what it was like to see a major league baseball game in person. It wasn’t all that long ago. Sometime in 2019 was when I was last inside Wrigley Field. Two years flies right by….except in a pandemic. Fans weren’t allowed inside the park during the... Read more »

When it comes to bad behavior in youth sports, I thought I had seen it all

A Coach berates his own pre-teen player for striking out. Coaches yelling at opposing coaches during a game. A coach physically attacking a teen-aged umpire for making a bad call. One coach being ejected from a softball game for excessive arguing and his assistant being ejected an inning later for doing the same thing. Those... Read more »

April is a big month in the Parkinson's Disease community. We aim to make it smaller.

April is Parkinson’s Disease Awareness Month. Yesterday was World Parkinson’s Day for 2021. This blog started almost nine years ago as a way to document how a relatively new diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease could and would affect someones everyday life activities. It’s morphed into something else, which I consider a good thing. That showed that... Read more »

Like elections, racist laws have consequences

Do you remember the person who resided in the White House from 2017 until January 20, 2021? Do you remember the words that constantly came out of his mouth beginning on November 4th? Voter Fraud! Voter Fraud! Voter Fraud! Over and over and over again. It was a big lie and even though his supporters... Read more »

Another April, another brutally cold baseball opening day

April 1. It’s time for major league baseball opening day. No April fooling about this! I’ve always loved opening day. It signals the end of winter. No more snow. No more cold weather. That might not be exactly true in Chicago, but it’s close…maybe. My first live Cubs opening day at Wrigley Field was in... Read more »

The importance of self-care

A couple of weeks ago I was in bed watching television. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, except it was in the middle of the afternoon. The thought came to me that I spend a lot of my time doing this…too much of my time. And when I’m not lounging watching the tube, I... Read more »

Ringo Starr zooms in with a little help from his friends

When a legend calls asking for help, you ask how soon should I be there. So it’s no surprise that when Ringo Starr wants to record new music and asks his friends to join in, they’ll come running. Like so many musicians, the former Beatles drummer had plans to hit the road with another version... Read more »

Van Morrison's "Tupelo Honey" is as sweet today as it was fifty years ago

She’s as sweet as Tupelo honeyShe’s an angel of the first degreeShe’s as sweet as Tupelo honeyJust like honey, baby, from the bee Van Morrison is a dick. He’s had that reputation for decades. He continues to live up to that reputation today. But that doesn’t mean he can’t write sweet, beautiful songs. The year... Read more »
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