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The year of being seventy

Big landmark birthdays are exciting. They’re also scary. Each one marks a passage of time. Each one gives us an opportunity to reflect on where our life has gone. We also get the chance to look ahead to the future. See…told you it was scary. Usually, the milestone birthday numbers end with a zero. Here’s... Read more »

How did our rock and roll heroes live long enough to become grandparents?

People try to put us d-down Just because we get around Things they do look awful c-c-cold I hope I die before I get old Last weekend while I was watching the James Taylor and Carole King documentary, I was asked about their ages. I did some Googling to find out that Carole was seventy-nine... Read more »

2022 >?

5……4…..3…..2….1 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Welcome to a new year and to a new beginning. The possibilities are endless. Optimism reigns. In truth, this is no different than any other new year. It’s always a chance to reassess the past and look forward to what is to come. But, the last few years have been brutal.... Read more »

It's the end of the year as we know it

I thought this was going to be it. I thought this was going to be the end. I told more than a few people that I was going to pull the plug on this column at the end of the year. I figured that after close to ten years and more than one thousand of... Read more »

What will you be reading during this holiday season?

Reading is fundamental. It’s the rock that is the base of education for our youth. For adults, its the best way to gain knowledge on a variety of subjects as well as being entertaining. I’ve always been a voracious reader. I think I inherited that from my father who always seemed to be reading multiple... Read more »

West Side Story 2021: It's real and spectacular

If you were worried that the remake wouldn’t live up to the original, relax. If you were worried that the remake would change the story of the original, chill out. If you were worried that Steven Spielberg couldn’t/wouldn’t do justice to the original, forget about it. There’s only one word needed to describe Spielberg’s West... Read more »

Stevie Wonder's 1971 album "Where I'm Coming From" helped set the stage for future greatness

When discussing the music of the 1970s, you can’t go too long before the name Stevie Wonder comes up. Three of his albums, “Innervisions”, “Fullfillingness’ First Finale” and”Songs in the Key of Life” won Grammy Awards for Best Album. Twelve of his twenty-five Grammys were won during the decade. However, his transformation from the thirteen-year-old... Read more »

Showing gratitude to one million readers

The goal was to write a book. I thought by writing a blog, I’d have enough stories to put a book together. The plan was never to write more than twelve hundred of these things. But that’s what happened. Apparently, goals and plans change. They’re flexible. When you do anything for close to a decade... Read more »

Are you excited for the Law & Order reboot?

DUN DUN The mothership is coming home. After more than a ten-year hiatus, the original Law & Order is returning. We don’t exactly when. We don’t know if any of the old cast will return. The only thing we do know is that it’s back, baby! I loved this show throughout most of its twenty-year... Read more »

Fifty years of David Crosby solo albums: What was so promising in 1971 comes to fruition in 2021

It’s early 1971. David Crosby has been a huge rock star for seven years. That’s when he became a founding member of the legendary, influential band, The Byrds. Crosby went on to greater success with one of the great trios of all time, Crosby, Stills and Nash. Their first self-titled album sold more than four... Read more »
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