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I chased Willie Mays down Addison Street after a Cubs-Giants game

Today is Willie Mays’s birthday. He is now the oldest living member of baseball’s Hall of Fame. Many of his contemporaries have died in recent years, so it’s wonderful that Willie is still around at age ninety to remind us of the golden era of baseball. In his prime, there wasn’t a more exciting player... Read more »

Alabama football star Najee Harris gives back to his former homeless community

Paying it forward is a big thing in the homeless world. Those who have dealt with homelessness and come out better, like to give back to those who have helped them survive those trying times. Najee Harris became a star running back at the University of Alabama. Last season he rushed for close to fifteen... Read more »

Who did it worse: The Chicago Bears drafting and developing quarterbacks or Chicago voters electing Mayors?

The Chicago Bears football team got their man! They made a trade to move up in the NFL draft and were able to draft the quarterback that will lead them into the future….again. Super Bowl here we come…again. Nothing against Justin Fields, in fact, I’m excited to see him come to Chicago…and I’m not a... Read more »

The Masters golf tournament honoring Lee Elder doesn't ring true

“As long as I’m alive, golfers will be white, and caddies will be black.” Those words were spoken by Clifford Roberts. He was the chairman of the Augusta National Golf Club for forty-five years. He almost pulled it off. It was in Roberts last year as chairman when Lee Elder became the first Black golfer... Read more »

It's the game every college basketball fan has been waiting to see: Gonzaga vs Baylor for the title. Who ya got?

They started the season as the number one and number two ranked college basketball team. Gonzaga number one, Baylor right behind them in the two spot. Their early-season matchup was rightly hyped as the game of the year. It was canceled due to Covid-19…damn pandemic! Those pre-season ratings held up. Gonzaga went undefeated. Baylor did... Read more »

We've made it to the Final Four: Who gets to the championship game?

It started as a tournament of upsets. Higher seed after higher seed going down to massive underdogs. But, as usually happens in the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament, the cream rises to the top. Yeah, the upsets are what makes it fun, but the champion is almost always a team that has earned their high ranking... Read more »

An 'Expert' picks the NCAA Men's Basketball Sweet 16 games

How’s your bracket looking? Mine was trashed after day one. By day three, I had only one team left in the Final Four. Pretty sure that meant I wasn’t winning any pool. However, that shouldn’t stop an ‘expert’ from continuing to make picks. This ‘expert’ is here to tell you who will win the next... Read more »

The Oklahoma Sooners basketball team needs a rabbi

What a weekend of college hoops. The NCAA basketball tournament got underway and it was upsetpalooza. Things were so discombobulated that although I haven’t checked my brackets this morning, I’m pretty sure losing three of my final four teams, including my championship pick, means I’m not going to win any of the numerous pools that... Read more »

I'd like to give Meyers Leonard the benefit of the doubt for using the slur 'kike', but I can't get there

“Hey Kikes! Keep your fucking kike ball off my lawn and keep your fucking kike asses off my lawn, too. Now get the fuck out of here.” Those were the words I heard from a neighbor when a friend and I went to get a ball off a neighbor’s lawn. I was twelve years old.... Read more »

Although the baseball heroes of our childhood die, the memories of our youth remain

Although the baseball heroes of our childhood die, the memories of our youth remain
Lou Brock. Whitey Ford. Bob Gibson. Al Kaline. Joe Morgan. Phil Niekro. Tom Seaver. If you’re a baseball fan, those are names you will always remember. They were some of the sport’s biggest stars of the 1960s-70s. My generation grew up watching these baseball heroes. Even if they didn’t play for your team, you admired... Read more »
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