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Does Break Dancing belong in the Olympics?

The Winter Olympics are over. The next stop is in Paris for the Summer Games in 2024, Each Olympics brings new events. In recent years we’ve seen Golf, Tennis and Softball become part of the Summer Games. The Winter Games are highlighted by numerous Snowboard competitions. So what’s new for 2024? Would you believe Break... Read more »

In solidarity with Neil and Joni, I'm keeping my wannabe podcast off Spotify

Remember when podcasts were new and cool? It really wasn’t all that long ago. When they first began, it seemed like there weren’t too many of them. It felt like the field was dominated by former radio talk show personalities who had lost their major market gigs. The podcasts kept their name and voices in... Read more »

Do they really think I want to join the 45 CLUB?

A few days ago I received an email from the Republican National Committee. No big deal. I usually get something from them every day. I almost immediately hit delete, but this one caught my eye. They’re forming a new club and would like me to be one of its charter members. Get this: We would... Read more »

We don't round up to 70

When my daughter was much younger, she had a rote answer when asked her age. She would round it up to the next number. “I’m almost 11” was the response even before she had her half-birthday. The same thing the following year…and so on. She doubled down on this by telling us that even on... Read more »

What's the matter with people who are having Omicron parties?

We’re havin’ a partyDancin’ to the musicPlayed by the DJOn the radioThe Cokes are in the iceboxPopcorn’s on the tableMe and my babyWe’re out here on the floor Do you remember this back in what now seems like the olden days? Parents would intentionally let their children become infected with chickenpox. There were a few... Read more »

It's the middle of winter; quit wearing shorts

This ain’t no Miami. This ain’t no Phoenix.This is Chicago. It’s the middle of winterThis ain’t no fooling around. Wednesday was December 15, The middle of the month. Christmas is only ten days away. The start of the new year is just a week later. It’s winter. That means sweaters, hats and heavy jackets. But,... Read more »

Donald Trump and the Republican National Committee: Stop asking me for money!!

It started in February of 2016. I didn’t know that my relationship with these people was going to go on for more than five years. I’d like to end this, but I’m not sure how to do it. Maybe this blog post will do it? I doubt it, but it’s worth the effort. Word on... Read more »

Which celebrity Medicare expert do you believe?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. No, not Thanksgiving. No, not Christmas. It’s that month-plus long time when you can choose from various Medicare coverage plans. That means until the end of the year, we’ll be inundated with commercials that tell you to check your zip code to see if you qualify for... Read more »

Jake from State Farm should stop hanging with Aaron Rodgers

By now we all know the sordid story of Green Bay Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers. He lied about getting the Covid vaccination by saying that he was immunized against the virus. His lie changes plenty of things for his teammate’s seasons and possibly their lives. Rodgers won’t be playing in Sunday’s game against the Kansas... Read more »

How did we get by without six hours of Facebook and Instagram?

Yesterday, I took a few hours off from social media to run some errands. It was tough, but I made it through. When I returned, I found a text informing me that Facebook was down. Phew! I didn’t miss a thing! Apparently the Zuckerberg empire was out for about six hours yesterday. How did we... Read more »
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