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Why wasn't the band Poco a bigger success? A look at Poco, "From the Inside"

Do you have a favorite band or artist that you thought would be bigger musical stars than what actually happened? For me, that band is Poco. When the Buffalo Springfield broke up in 1968, the branches of their musical tree split in two different directions. Stephen Stills and Neil Young became Crosby, Still, Nash and... Read more »

Fifty years of Little Feat

When you think of the greatest American bands, who comes to mind? The Beach Boys? Grateful Dead? Eagles? Aerosmith? How long until you think of Little Feat? Would you even consider Little Feat? It’s now fifty years since the release of the debut self-titled Little Feat album. Although it wasn’t their best recording, it did... Read more »

On Bob Dylan's 80th birthday, here are some of my favorite cover versions of his songs

Happy Birthday to Bob Dylan. Today he turns eighty. That’s right…80!! While I’m a big fan of his songs, I like them better when they’re sung by other artists. So to celebrate another decade of Bob, here are a few of my favorite Dylan tunes, interpreted by some of Bob’s friends. Mr Tambourine Man-The Byrds.... Read more »

Van Morrison does it again....and that's not a good thing

They tell us that ignorance is blissI guess by those that control the media, it isThey own the media, they control the stories we are toldIf you ever try to go against them, you will be ignored What the Hell happened to Van Morrison? He’s has written many wonderful songs. His catalog includes beauties such... Read more »

Are you going to Ravinia this summer?

Our leaders are saying the country is going to be opened up soon….sorta. They’re saying the life we were used to before the pandemic is starting up again….sorta. We’re going to be able to do the activities we enjoyed before the world shut down in March 2020….sorta. By June, everything will be cool…sorta. Summer will... Read more »

If you knew the lyrics fifty years ago, what would you have thought about "Brown Sugar" and "Sticky Fingers?

Gold coast slave ship bound for cotton fieldsSold in a market down in New OrleansScarred old slaver knows he’s doing alrightHear him whip the women just around midnight Brown sugarHow come you taste so good?Brown sugarJust like a young girl should On April 23, 1971, fifty years ago today, the Rolling Stones released their eleventh... Read more »

Can you believe that Bonnie Raitt's first album is fifty years old

When you think of musicians who have had fifty-year careers, Bonnie Raitt probably isn’t the first one that pops into your mind. Yet here we are, in 2021, celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of her premier, self-titled album. Her first album was a surprise. The daughter of musicians, including Broadway musical star father John, she spent... Read more »

Mick Jagger is pandemicking like the rest of us

It’s been more than a year since most of the world headed down to their basement. Thirteen months of too much tv, too much delivered dinners and groceries, too much Zoom, too much disease and death, too much of everything. It’s been more than a year of boredom for everyone….and by everyone I really do... Read more »

The new boss is still the same as the old boss: Who's Next and Won't Get Fooled Again fifty years later

Meet the new bossSame as the old boss The first time I heard those words was in the summer of 1971. I was working a summer job after my freshman year in college. Someone had the office radio tuned to an fm station. I didn’t know what the song was but it certainly caught my... Read more »

Stairway to Heaven is still legendary but what about the rest of Led Zeppelin IV fifty years later?

Stairway rules! Now going on half a century, it’s still a classic. Whenever you hear the song, it’s hard to turn it off. There have been plenty of times when I’ve parked the car and listened to the last five minutes or so before leaving. The tune has so many layers to it that you... Read more »
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