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Finding gratitude on Thanksgiving even if you're eating at McDonald's

I live within walking distance from a McDonald’s restaurant. Every Thanksgiving, I see this sign in their window. “We’re open Thanksgiving Day. 6 am to 7 pm.” I look at it and always think that it couldn’t be worse than having your Thanksgiving meal at McDonald’s. But as I walk away, I realize it could... Read more »

Michigan running back Blake Corum uses his NIL money to help Ypsilanti's needy have a better Thanksgiving

Tomorrow on Thanksgiving. While many of us will be thankful with our families surrounding a table filled with turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie, so many more will be struggling to get by. No turkey. No stuffing. No cranberries. No pie. No family. No wonder there’s so much sadness and depression this time of... Read more »

Homelessness is in your backyard

On Friday, I needed to make a trip to Target. I left my home through the back door so I could put my trash in the garbage dumpster. Someone had left their couch to be picked up with the rest of the refuse. That’s not unusual. Residents are always moving in and out of this... Read more »

Tiny home village helps the homeless community in Los Angeles

Like every major city, Los Angeles has a major problem with homelessness. The numbers there are daunting. Almost sixty thousand people experience homelessness in L.A. One reason for the high number of homeless there is the winter weather. It’s much easier to live on the streets of southern California from November through March than most... Read more »

Eric Clapton helps the homeless population in London

Like every big city, London has a homeless problem. From January to March of this year, more than three thousand people slept on the streets of England’s capital. The Streets of London is a charity that raises money to help support people who are experiencing homelessness in London. The money also helps to raise awareness... Read more »

Alabama football star Najee Harris gives back to his former homeless community

Paying it forward is a big thing in the homeless world. Those who have dealt with homelessness and come out better, like to give back to those who have helped them survive those trying times. Najee Harris became a star running back at the University of Alabama. Last season he rushed for close to fifteen... Read more »

CD One Price Cleaners is having a clothing drive to help solve the problem of homelessness

There are many reasons anyone experiences homelessness. The biggest one comes down to money. In order to get the money needed to get off the street or out of a shelter, a job is needed. To get that job, you have to go through the interview process. That means you need to have the proper... Read more »

How can a homeless shelter survive the CoronaVirus?

It was December 2014. About a week before Christmas. I was living in a homeless shelter in the Lincoln park area of Chicago. The flu was causing havoc among the residents. My goal for the holiday was not to become one of its victims. One afternoon, a group of us were playing a dice game.... Read more »

The 2020 Tip Challenge: Because everyone needs help sometimes

The 2020 Tip Challenge: Because everyone needs help sometimes
It started on New Year’s Day. At a Michigan restaurant, server Danielle Franzoni received a $2020 tip on a $23 order of food. The customer left a note saying, “Happy New Year. 2020 Tip Challenge.” Franzoni told NBC News, “I feel like I want to say everything from my heart, but this couple has no idea what they have... Read more »

Seattle Seahawks star Bobby Wagner makes it a happy Thanksgiving for his community

Seattle Seahawks star Bobby Wagner makes it a happy Thanksgiving for his community
Like many major U.S. cities, Seattle has a homelessness problem. More than 12,000 people are living on the streets, shelters or temporary housing. Seattle Seahawks’ star linebacker Bobby Wagner is now in his eighth season with the team. He’s a five time All-pro, a key member of their 2013 Super Bowl championship team and looks... Read more »
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