Category: Easing into 70

The road to seventy got a bit 'rocky', but gratefully I'm still here

They say truth is stranger than fiction. Sure, it’s cliche, but that doesn’t mean it’s wrong. I’ve been chronicling the road to age seventy since the beginning of 2022, Yeah, there have been a few hiccups along the way, but for the most part, the sailing has been smooth. I even found acceptance of this... Read more »

The final week of sixty-nine

Okay…okay…get your mind out of the gutter. The title has nothing to do with what you’re thinking. We’re down to the final few days of year number sixty-nine on earth. Birthday number seventy is this coming Saturday. I’m surprisingly calm about reaching this milestone. Okay…maybe not one hundred percent calm, but certainly much more relaxed... Read more »

My ten-year plan at age seventy is to live long enough to make another ten-year plan

June 11, 2012. I was having dinner with my youngest daughter. We were celebrating my sixtieth birthday. She asked if I had any plans for the next ten years of my life. I told her I wanted to travel and also find one more good relationship. I also jokingly mentioned becoming a grandparent. It really... Read more »

One month to go until getting The 70 Club membership card

One month to go. Thirty-one days from today. That’s when I join the club. The 70 Club. It’s not too difficult to become a member. You only have to stick around long enough. It’s not a great club. But, once you’re in it there’s only one way to lose your membership. I’m not ready for... Read more »

I blame Facebook for my obsession with the number 70

I’ve been known to obsess over many things. Health. Sports. Music. Writing. Reruns of The Office. Donald Trump. And those are just a few of my obsessions. But lately, I’ve been obsessing over a particular number. Actually, it’s been more than lately. This obsession began on June 12, 2021. That was the day after my... Read more »

I finally had a senior coffee at McDonald's

This story occurred almost twenty-five years ago. My daughters were then eight and six years old. They were on spring break from elementary school. We decided to have breakfast at the local McDonald’s. The three of us are at the counter placing our order when we hear a car screeching to a halt in the... Read more »

After twenty years I've finally joined AARP

Two decades ago I was cruising down the highway towards fifty years old. As if hitting the half-century make wasn’t enough of a mid-fuck, I started receiving all kinds of things that were a reminder of the impending big 5-ZERO. The biggest reminder was an almost daily invitation to become an AARP member. Snail mail... Read more »

The road to seventy is full of potholes

You’re driving down a Chicago street in the winter. Your goal is to avoid the slick icy spots and keep from spinning out of control. If you manage that, there are still plenty of potholes that try to pull you down and bend your frame. Winter turns into summer. Those damaged roads of six months... Read more »

I've become a mall walker

Have you ever gone to an indoor mall and seen people walking. I’m not talking about shoppers. There are dedicated walkers doing laps around the mall. Not to typecast them, but they’re usually in a group and are usually senior citizens. Okay, I guess I am going to typecast them. What’s your reaction when you... Read more »

Recovery from surgery isn't easy at 70ish

One step forward, one step back. Two steps forward, one step back. Three steps forward, one step back. In 2015, I had my first surgical procedure at age sixty-two. Melanoma. I walked into the hospital early in the morning. By mid-afternoon, I was on my way home and cancer-free. By the next day, I went... Read more »
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    Howard Moore

    Every five years or so I decide to update this section. I can't believe I've been doing this for close to ten years. The last time I did this I was close to sixty years old. Now I'm just a few months away from the big 7-ZERO. Scary AF!!! I'm pretty sure I won't be doing an update when I hit 80, but you never know. But until then, lets just be grateful.

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