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Paul McCartney's "The Lyrics": Come for the words, stay for the pictures

If you had a nickel for every time Paul McCartney was asked to write his autobiography, you’d have a lot of nickels. Memoirs from rock music stars usually are formulaic. Here are the basic themes: They grow up poor. There was some form of dysfunction in their childhood. Mediocre to poor students who couldn’t wait... Read more »

Fifty years of The Concert for Bangladesh

My friend came to meWith sadness in his eyesHe told me that he wanted helpBefore his country dies. Although I couldn’t feel the painI knew I had to tryNow I’m asking all of youTo help us save some lives The lyrics tell the story. Ravi Shankar came to his friend, George Harrison, to tell him... Read more »

Paul McCartney's "Ram": It was a bad album in 1971 and still is fifty years later

It’s late May 1971. I’m home from my first year in college. I walk into a record store and find Paul McCartney’s newest album, “Ram.” Being a big Beatles fan, plus having liked Paul’s first, self-titled album, I’m going to need to hear this album. I put down my four bucks, took my change and... Read more »

On the fiftieth anniversary of John Lennon's album "Imagine", the good and bad

Imagine there’s no heavenIt’s easy if you tryNo hell below usAbove us, only sky September 9, 1971. John Lennon’s second solo/post-Beatles album “Imagine” is released. It’s highlighted by the title track, which immediately became an anti-war anthem. Fifty years later, it remains an iconic part of Lennon’s solo catalog of work, However, there’s more to... Read more »

John Lennon showed that when it comes it treating mental health issues, it's easy to be kind

Anxiety. Depression. Mood disorders. Those are just three of the types of mental health issues. People suffering from them show signs of excessive paranoia, sadness, changes in moods, and social withdrawal. Issues with mental health played out on big stages in the last few months, especially in the world of sports. Tennis star, Naomi Osaka... Read more »

Ringo Starr zooms in with a little help from his friends

When a legend calls asking for help, you ask how soon should I be there. So it’s no surprise that when Ringo Starr wants to record new music and asks his friends to join in, they’ll come running. Like so many musicians, the former Beatles drummer had plans to hit the road with another version... Read more »

Songs for an unprecedented win in Georgia

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It was quite an night in Georgia (Spencer Davis/Steve Winwood)
It was quite a night in Georgia. Democrats won both seats in run-off races and with that, they will control the Senate. It’s hard to explain exactly what and why it happened. Maybe it’s easier to explain it all in songs? Type your email address in the box and click the “create subscription” button. My... Read more »

The Last Days of John Lennon: Just another Beatles book

The Last Days of John Lennon: Just another Beatles book
In 2015, I was thinking of writing a book. I told a friend this and he asked, “What’s it going to be about? The Beatles?”  I responded snarkily, “Yeah, because a thousand of them aren’t enough. The world needs another book about The Beatles.”  You can be snarky and true at the same time. It’s hard to... Read more »

Paul McCartney drops latest album McCartney 3: No dice!

Paul McCartney drops latest album McCartney 3: No dice!
K: Dad, does Paul McCartney have a lot of music from after he left The Beatles? H: Well, yeah. He was only in The Beatles a short time compared to his solo career. Why? K: I’m not going to know any of those songs when he plays them. H. That’s okay. Hardly anyone does. We’re... Read more »

On the anniversary of his death, a look at the life of George Harrison

George as a young child.
From 1964 to 1970, he was one of the four most popular musicians in the world. He didn’t write or sing many of their songs, but you could hear his instrument on every single tune. He very rarely was out in front when on stage performing, but the band wouldn’t have been the same without... Read more »
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